Join In progress Issues (Severe)


Everytime I join in progress either one I get put in as trapper last selection, Never the monster which is my first. I get the shadows glitch OR I get the glitch where everyone is invisible or on the moon and you see weapon fire and vals heal gun going all over the screen, only thing i can see is the monster. Can we Please Get rid of join in progress it causes nothing but issues and you dont get the class you want to play. Then when its bugged out and you quit you get a minute lockout.


It’s a necessary evil. Otherwise it wouldn’t be fair to people who don’t rage quit at something they don’t like. Having to play with/against bots without the idea of someone ever to come in, might as well scrap the match.


well maybe just shut it down until it functions properly. Compromise


Until what functions properly? The game tries to fill empty games before creating new ones. THe big problem is people rage quitting. That being said, once you are in a lobby, you won’t be joining mid match anymore. This is more of an issue if you bunny hop from team to team.


No, I mean the bugs when you join in progress such as Shadow glitch, All players on my map are on the moon and i cant see anyone but the monster, so how can i work with a team of invis hunters? it must be just me then but this happens 7/10 times i try to find a game. If i wasnt using IE on my xbox i could post vids, if you add me on xbox you can find vids of the shadows and Moon glitch

GT L2L Chainz L2L


Ah, thought you were just talking about joining games in progress in general :stuck_out_tongue: While I haven’t had this happen to me I can understand how it would suck. I apologize if I misunderstand your statement(s) :slight_smile:


Ah no worrys, trust me its fustrating i just want to be the monster, and all i get is glitches =[