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Interested in a action Real Time Strategy game for Steam/Chrome? Look no further! For Airmech is the game for you! Fast paced PvP action. Up to 6 players(3v3)! Unlimited Solo(You vs AI) time. Co-op Play (Players vs AI). Ultimate units and ultimate pilots to unleash devastating power against the enemy(ultimates are excluded from PvP)! The one an only Ultimate Striker(the most powerful mech yet!) if you buy Prime(complete with every base mech, and all units and future units, and all starter pilots, and more!) for only 10 USD! Copy your referral link down below and jump into the action!



I don’t know when the last time you played AirMech was, but for the past 2 years Prime has been 10 USD. And I’ve never seen any evidence of player hacking the game.


Am I the only one that thought of Torvald being boosted by Sunny when I read this thread?