Johnny Cash appreciation thread


What’s your favorite Johnny Cash song and why, or anything else you have in mind.


Rusty Cage, cus I saw that trailer for Prey 2 years ago… and I really liked it ^^ -> The song O.o


I like this one too

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Sounds so good >.<
(It’s the western feeling I think O.O)

But still my favourite (was the only one I knew):


Listen to that song a metric ton actually, Johnny Cash was a great artist!

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My favorite would have to be Hurt. Even though he did not write it himself, his execution of the song is phenomenal.

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Did you hear his version of big iron.


Have now. I have fond memories of listening to the version used in Fallout: New Vegas (I’m not sure if it is the original version or not). I like it quite a lot actually.


Yeah, Marty robins write the first version of it, which was in fallout, but this version sound more sad and depressing.


Did you listen to God’ll cut you down


That’s another of my favorites. That one is original, is it not?


Yes I believe it is


You guys might be interested in this… I thought it was cool ok?


this one


Song’s alright, not so much the lyrics for me. Don’t really hear or listen to Johnny Cash. ^.-


What about the lyrics do you not like