Jev Appreciation Thread!


As you can probably see by my recent name change to Jev, I decided to make a thread dedicated to my favourite YouTuber. I’ve been watching him since mid 2014, and he is the funniest guy on the internet. He is 22 and lviving with his grandparents (because he looks after them) and has over 1,300,000 subscribers. He is a sniper on the biggest competetive gaming group in the world ‘FaZe Clan’ which has over 3 million subscribers. He is extremely entertaining and his crude humour makes it all the better.

Disclaimer: Loud noises and Strong language is present in this video.

####Now please for the love of god no extreme hate and don’t derail into ‘FaZe is shit’ this is purely dedicated to Jev. I can take the simple “Why is he so loud?” But please don’t say “Fuck him” or other stuff like that.


Never heard of him. ._.


At first I thought you were making an appreciation thread for yourself lol


Me too!!! :laughing:


Jev? You don’t know Jev? He’s a God among men! I live this man!


I live my life
And no, I really do not know Jev and the only thing I’ve heard about FaZe clan is the random MLG stuff so I’ll refrain from even mentioning then as OP requested.
The hell
Is Jev.


He’s a YouTuber.
Edit: I meant that "I live him’.


I don’t get it. D:


What part?


“I live him” I thought it was a typo first but I genuinely don’t get the phrase


He’s like a way of life Edit:If that makes sense. My life rotates around him.


Hm, never heard of him. Is that bad?


Nope, join the club with @ToiletWraith and I


So what’s this guy do? I can’t check right now, internet is being really slow.


He plays games and talks about a random subject everyday. Really entertaining for some reason.


And me! >_> lol


Looks like he plays CoD wearing hot pink headphones lol
I haven’t looked at any of his besides the one the OP posted


Oh, I’m not that interested , not the biggest fan of COD .


I thought you either miss-spelled either Dev or Jew and I were a bit confused.
I have never heard of the youtuber though.


He plays COD but doesn’t talk COD.