Jetpacks : The removal of momentum and you

I believe that in order to combat the inconsistencies in jetpack travel distances, the developers removed the physics of momentum from the game. Previously the most efficient way to travel over obstacles was to get a running start, jump into the air while letting momentum carry you forward, take your hands off of the WASD keys, and boost straight up. The momentum would carry you forward on your path over the obstacle as you would expect. This process and expected path of travel can be seen below:


This wasn’t the most intuitive thing in the world, as in order to boost straight up you were required to move your hands off of the WASD keys, so I expect a lot of people weren’t even using this technique. Regardless of how intuitive it was to learn, the expressed action was incredible intuitive. The hunters have jetpacks ; the ability to move at angles other than 90° would seem implicit to me.

Move forward to today. Post patch we have 2 options for traversal since we now occupy a momentumless Shear. The best option is the jump & burn. You can start a jump at a 45° angle from a cliff and hold your space bar to steadily burn your way up to it. I haven’t crunched numbers (since the previous patch is no longer available to me), but this method seems considerable more wasteful and slow when compared to the previous method. Not only this, but slow & steady does little to evade incoming monster attacks. Most importantly, in my opinion, is that it feels very unresponsive. This method:


Lastly we have the only other alternative, which has always been present and should be avoided at all costs:

Jetpacks will now only carry you in straight lines, or extremely limited arcs. Beyond the actual mechanics that are negative for hunters, I just hate the way it feels. Jetpacks also now only turn on at the apex of the jump, which I believe the developers incorporated to make jetpacks easier to manage. All of these changes take control away from the experienced at a compromise for an easier initial learning curve. I’m sure that newer players won’t mind as they won’t have the previous experience, and I’m sure that I’ll get over it, but I am sad when games change their mechanics in ways that actually feel worse. In any case, I hope this might clear up anyone’s confusion that knows something feels different but can’t pinpoint it.


I completely agree. I made a thread earlier about how wimpy the jetpack feels now. I am fine with how they operated prior to this patch and I hope they revert back to it.

Right now the jackpack is definitely consistent…consistently weak. :confused:

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I was complaining about this to my team all last night. It feels awful, and I sincerely hope that TRS is working on a way to reintroduce momentum while still keeping the normalization that they were originally after. Jetpacks being an inherently awesome concept, I am a firm believer that if jetpacks aren’t fun to use then jetpacks are being done wrong.

The consistency within combat situations is definitely welcome, but I am not sure if the lack of fun and fluidity for cross-map transit was a fair trade. That said, I recognize that that is the same ‘fun and fluidity’ that made monster players miserable as they could never escape the Sunny/Griffin perma-poon onslaught, but there’s got to be a middle ground.

You get an “A” for your report on the new jet pack boosting changes.

Now you burn jetpack for horizontal movement, and use the free “cockaroaching” for climbing walls.

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