Jetpacks DESPERATELY need a buff


At the moment, I find that Hunters are effectively crippled in combat by their lack of maneuverability.

Currently, the monster has a higher regeneration rate of stamina in combat as well as the advantages of being level 2 or level 3. This, coupled with potential strikes from earlier engagements, FORCES the game in the monsters favor too heavily.

Speaking from a recent experience as Trapper, despite being with a very competent team and with a fairly average monster, by the time the Goliath was level 3 I had two strikes due to being focused. Not a problem; the strike system is good as far as I’m concerned aside from the fact I think it should at 'least give a strike back on respawn. The problem was, I was getting focused again and again on respawn. I had NO chance whatsoever as the jetpack recharge and usage rate is awful.

I suggest a few things. In combat, increase jetpack recharge time by a fair amount (to allow similar combat as seen in the intro trailer), but limit the height at which you can fly. All the monsters have a means of countering this mobility so I see no point in forcing hunters onto the ground.

At the moment, once in combat the game can get very frustrating as the jetpack charge isn’t fast enough to allow for temporary escapes. Also, as I also found out; dodging Goliath’s rock attack does jacksh*t since apparently the hitbox is bigger than the projectile model and still within range of a strafe dodge.


Ok do we really think hunters need even more of an advantage? If jetpacks recharged any faster thered be even less chance of escape for monsters than there is now.
PS: Hunters are winning 55% of all games, so your “Monsters have an advantage” is bull, sorry to be blunt but I just cant care at this point


The Hunters do not need any buffs tier 4 is already pretty ridiculous in itself. If it’s really that bad just take the jetpack recharge perk or if someone is sunny have them boost you with her boost gun



Quirkly, it’s obvious that the currently OP Sunny is picking up the numbers quite a bit. Besides, jetpack buff could be a way to solve the battlefield control advantage the Monsters have right now.



learn to use the jetpack right.

dont waste it

its fine how it is


Sunny, nuf said.


There is no advantage that monsters have right now… not one… Even at stage3, they’re losing 50% of the time…

If you want better jetpacks, take the perk. and take sunny. 200% jump height or recharge rate… have at it.

As it stands, I can’t even escape to evolve these days. I had a markov decorating my chrysalis with mines yesterday…


This guy is right give all jetpacks the sunny buff but permanet Kappa


hunters take skill and teamwork
monster prays the hunters are bad
thats pretty much how balance works right now.



Look. I agree that Sunny is OP. But think about it this way: What was the last time you saw Hunters pick an Arena?

And then look at the battlefield. Does there exist a constant that would benefit the Hunters in every map?

The Hunters can get pounced by wildlife. Monsters can stunock them by throwing them into water or acid. Even Nomads, who are supposed to be dangerous to both sides, are more dangerous to the Hunters. There is not a single piece of wildlife that would be actually dangerous to a Monster. There are areas that can be disadvantageous to Monsters, yeah, but a Monster is faster than the Hunters. Unless you manage to sneak up on it, you won’t get to pick where you’ll be fighting.

That’s too much battlefield control. The Hunters have almost none, save for cloak, which can actually render them able to take advantage of a Monster’s mistakes.

I’m not saying it’s that much of a deal. But I saw games where a Monster got domed at Stage One without armor, and then a Nomad the Monster aggroed followed it into a cave where it immidiately switched targets and killed Support and Medic, followed by a quick win for the Monster. That’s clearly not fair in any way, shape or form.


I’m not even talking about Sunny. A hunter that takes either of the jetpack bonus’ has a significant advantage in the chase, and even in the dome. Because that same jetpack feature is responsible for dodging, moving elevation, etc.

There’s a SUPER ANNOYING behavior right now that people are just going up&down cliffs evading Goliath and Behemoth to buy time for their team-mates to drop. Super annoying unless you have a CD up to throw something at them. And it’s all high speed jetpack climbing and dropping.

Hunters CAN get pounced by wildlife. i usually count on it to turn into an advantage (LOVE Pouncing the trapper when everyone turns around to rescue the poor sap in last place landing on a plant or megamouth. People really shoot shoot those things sooner). But even with ALL these thinsg on the map, statistics show that the hunters are winning 60% of their matches right now.

Battlefield control may not be in the hunters favor right now, but the chase is. Monsters are being dogged while they’re out of health and unable to eat. Past your first engagement, you’re pretty much toast unless you pull a houdini!

As far as your last section there… that’s kinda funny, but it goes both ways too… Had a nomad rescue a hunter while I was sneak pounced on him. Saved his life…

But the fact stands: Even with ALL your arguements… Hunters are still 10% over the norm for victories… And it mostly lands on the new Tier4 hunters. There’s lots of changes coming, and hopefully that fixes most of it… but right now, you’re enjoying the culmination of a massive amount of hunter-boosts.


as a sunny player im very insulted, do you not see me giving you boost? do we not trap the monster 6 or more times in one game :cry: i boost and i boost but yet some hunters ignore me sniff


There is already a jetpack buff in place, her name is Sunny.


I think people need to remember to run more than to spam jetpack dash. I see a lot of people using the jetpack to catch up to the monster but then when they get to them they can’t maneuver because they are tapped out.


I also support Hunters receiving bonus jetpack regeneration in combat, but for a different reason.

I see it as a way to make Hunters more effective against Monters evading in Domes, mainly, with the dodging later as an acceptable side-effect.

Combine it with locking Monster combat stamina to them damage Hunters with free spurts of it at the beginning and end of domes, and it could really help ensure that domed Monsters statistically take proper levels of health damage.

This may or may not require some flavor of compensatory buff for Monsters, but in my experience even a Nomad Buff in combat wouldn’t break the game - it hasn’t in fights where I’ve seen it active.


At what skill level, I ask?

There are plenty of bad and mediocre Monsters out there, some of whom weren’t really queing for the role.

Most Monsters die because they picked a bad fight and stuck with it, or picked a decent fight and didn’t go back to evading when things started sliding downhill.

Flat win rates alone aren’t a good balance metric.


guys, this is just getting ridiculous, everyone keeps saying this and this needs to change and this and this is OP or UP. Guys, most of you dont fully know what you are talking about. I just dont think most of u guys are smart enough in the necessary fields to say for sure what needs to be changes. surely, some people have a point, and its not like you guys cant make suggestions still, but the mindset i think alot of you guys have that makes you guys want changes to the game isnt justifiable


Can you guys please stop increasing the win rates with each new thread. good lord this was posted like a day ago
YES hunters are winning more right now
but not 60%

they’re sitting at 54% yes thats a little high. But i can’t tell you how many times ive heard a 5% variance is well within the goal back when monsters were up in win rates

and stop ragging on this guy cause he doesn;t want what most of you are thinking (permanant recharge) he just wants recharge while in combat. (albiet i dont agree here) you guys are yelling because somehow, if hunters got recharge in combat like monsters the monsters could never get away
not like they have further traversals, knockbacking abilities, and higher base movespeeds.


With the exception of behemoth the monsters all have burst speed. The jet packs can be used burst or sustained. If you’re constantly using your jet pack to climb you will run out. Most hunter always want the high ground which requires the use of jet pack. When you spend most of the match climbing and dodging you will run out. Flying from rock one to rock two, dodge adv attack, fly around a little more, climb a rock face. All of this takes jet pack fuel. The jet packs Kat longer than you think you just don’t realize how much is often you want to use them. In an arena 98% of hunter movement is jet pack, think about it.

As a monster player of I’m caught in a dome with an elite that I aggro as long as I don’t deal any damage to the Nomad per day and the hunters do then yes the aggro shifts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forced Marcov’s lightning gun to chain an elite. Marcov is doing the damage not the monster. A non combatant monster is no threat to elite wildlife while the hunters are actively damaging it. Aggro 101 if you damage it you take the aggro. With grenades, mini nukes, lightning gun, flame thrower, and mirrors can’t damage the monster without taking the aggro of the elite right next to it. Even the machine guns will hit the elite chasing the monster as you try to shoot the monster around our through the elite.

I’ve had Griffen’s harpoon me so an elite wildlife will catch me and force me to fight it. Then wait patiently from me to lose armor and health killing it only to have the entire team waiting for me.

General tip: Either side can use wildlife to there advantage…


Make a real argument if you have a position, don’t just throw out a blanket statement that noone talking about balance understands the game.


it is a real argument. alot of people who are complaining about changes arent fully doing it for legitimate reason. The mindset behind it isnt a healthy mindset. Im not like saying people cant still make suggestion, but i think most people arent suggusting statements cause they have a genuine reason why it needs to change, i think its really person who may need to change. Not trying to say this is for everyone and im not trying to say that some people who dont have a genuine reason to complain/make a suggestion actually dont necessarily have a point in some of what they say, its just i think people are letting their personal bias get in the way alot