Jetpacks and Lightning bolts


PS4, jetpack refuses to work to get me up walls. I literally have to mash the thing which really sucks when fractions of a second matter in a match and I’m stuck at the bottom of the tallest wall, jumping four or five times until the game decides to realize I intend to go up the damn thing.

Not to mention, playing as the Kraken just now, my lightning bolts did not show up on my screen or appear to do any damage at all three times in a row which really sucks when all I use are lightning bolts, ranged attacks, and the mines. I heard them. For all intensive purposes, my player model really thought he was doing what he was supposed to.

I’m beyond frustrated with this game. I have this rule when games stop being fun, I stop playing them and this game is bordering on not being fun anymore.


Jetpacks are terrible at climbing. It’s the same on PC.


Agreed. I’ve found staring at the top of the cliff helps the most, while looking in other directions (or smashing a shoulder into the wall during ascent) means you’re more likely to just fall, even partway up.


Jetpack issue aside, I’m a terrible monster, an awful monster. I play as a monster as a courtesy to the hunters so they at least have someone to beat on for a few matches.

I need every advantage I have. I understand I’m not going to win and if I don’t win through my own faults, cool, I’ll try harder next time.

But Lightning Bolt bro, my go-to when I need to do serious damage, just didn’t work… three times… in a row.