Jetpack usage


This has been a problem where we use our jetpacks and they drain out real quickly. And so far I’ve known there’s a buff saying 35% less usage on jetpack fuel, but who want to go looking for that buff in a middle of the game. My only problem is that we use the jetpacks to much to catch up to the monster we hardly even reach it. And the time where your fighting the monster you want to get away from the monster , but what do you know your jetpack is out of fuel so your pretty much screwed. I know that Sunny has a jetpack bootser but what happens if she’s not on the team you run out of fuel and your screwed. Just saying turtle rock should have the hunter use less fuel on the jetpacks monster have greater distance than the hunters .


Elite Reavers give you 35% less fuel used during jetpacking and Elite Nomads give you 200% jetpack recharge. And there’s also the jetpack recharge perk that goes up to 75% when maxed at 3 stars.

So there are a number of ways to have a better jetpack, but I do understand your complaint.

But personally, I don’t mind where jetpacking is right now because it forces the hunters to conserve it for the right moments. I play hunter and monster fairly equally and the current state of Evolve already favors hunters enough IMO…


It sounds like you may be new to the game. Jetpack management is something you naturally learn through experience. Keep at it and you’ll see this issue disappear.


The jetpacks are not meant to be used to chase the monster… In fact if your trying to catch the monster and you are chasing it . then your doing it wrong buddy…

The jet pack is effective at dashing/ changing elevation… There foee it should only be used to cut off the Monster, cover hard terrain, and give short dahshes in between those momebts…