Jetpack sounds bugged


As a Monster player, I learned long ago to use the jetpack sounds to get a general sense of the direction and distance of the Hunters using it. It is a critical sound cue for overall awareness.

This last patch (2.0) seems to have broken jetpack sounds for me. Sometimes Hunters will sound like they are to my right when they are in fact in front of me. Sometimes they will sound very close when I can smell (with buff) that they are far away. The direction and intensity of the noise just seems essentially random now and it is much harder to make decisions.

Is anyone else experiencing this?


Bumping this for some more visibility. I know some of the other current sound bugs are annoying, but this one affects survivability.


When i’m playing hunter i noticed it too. It actually saved my life once, i heard a jetpack sound behind me but all my teammates are in front of me, so i turned around and saw the monster getting ready for a stealth pounce :slight_smile:


Bumping this, really hoping it gets fixed in this latest patch.

The jetpack sounds seem to originate where the hunters last dropped, rather than where they are.


It happens with hunters too, ive made a post about this earlier


The volume of the jetpack is gliched (just like the evolving volume) and the jetpack sound will always be audible when next to the spawn

The spawn and the hunters are both sources of the sound for some reason. So if you are next to the spawn they will sound like they are right next to you


I use to be able to use the jet pack sound too, but for the longest time I have noticed it is bugged, which sucks because then I can’t tell if I should move when I am sneaking. Hopefully it gets fixed sometime soon.


Hmm. Haven’t been able to play yet, was this fixed at all with the recent patch? I didn’t see it in the notes.