Jetpack perks


Why? Why do so many of ya hunters run tinker bell? They nerfed grounder to the ground but didnt touch rocket perks, really ridiculous how medic can fly to the top of the dome and heal when his health is at 1/4 bar… This is so fucking ridiculous…Please fix this in the next patch the jetpack perks need a nerf…I can’t count how many times a medic or support has flown to skybox and is still able to heal/shield charge…


i actually never encounter this.


All the time I’m in pubs I see at least one person running this setup and it doesn’t help in the least. They get roflstomped because they are sitting ducks in midair and use all their jet pack to float and not dodge abilities.

I still don’t see or understand why people think it’s so good since I see monster after monster just beating it into the ground with ease. :confused:


jetpack perks is hack for hunters, I can not even catch them, they are always in the air / just stupid balance , in one match for monster picked all 3 perks for counter jetpacks leg breaker swatter ground is not helped …


I will stop using it when they nerf monater traversal so i can kite it without having to tank half of its abilities.Tinkerbell allows you to be self sufficient


Tinkerbell isn’t a great strategy. While initially VERY annoying, it can be countered. I play a lot of Kraken and Kelder so I can counter it okay, but I can understand for Goliath’s or Gorgons it can seem tricky. Remember, a tinkerbell hunter is trading more effective perks for a few moments of safety. Once you reach a certain skill level, tinkerbell becomes less and less viable. A team that can dodge, shield, and heal the livelong day is gonna be far more effective than one or two hunters who are missing better perks so they can hover above the monster for awhile.

Until you know how to punish tinkerbell, it can be frustrating however, I won’t lie. When I first encountered it I didn’t know what to make of it.


I try using kraken time to time. But, holy shit is he challenging… i could not get to stage 2 at all. i don’t know how to use him. As, soon as match start i dont know if i should use traversal or run…


Yeah he can definitely feel strange the first time you try him out. Learning to play him well is really hard to just learn through playing. I’d watch some monster streams or check out the community coaching with @MaddCow for tips. Check that out here

His traversal is unique to the other monsters in that he flies, albeit slowly. Kraken can fly, and should aim to be in the air MOST of the time. The only time you really want to be on the ground is when you are eating, when you want to land a heavy melee attack, or when you want to land aftershock. The rest of the time, Krakens should try to remain airborne and use their abilities from the sky.

I’d go into more detail, but I don’t want to derail the thread any further. Don’t give up though. He’s good fun when you learn how to use him.

Now back on track folks.


mostly because they keep nerfing damage perks, capacity and even weapon switch.

Jetpack has never been touched.


Nurf Nurf because I can’t deal with something that is counterable because its annoys me and I don’t like being annoyed because I’m the best monster and I lose but I shouldn’t because I’m da besttt QQ
-12y old kevin. 2016


Counterable is such a relative word.

Tinkerbell has no “counter” per say, only abilities that MAY hit them from up there, and even then, not so much.

Please explain how do you counter it with a goliath, whose’s rock will be piss easy to avoid from up there and your fire won’t reach them.


As goliath I don’t find any problem dealing with it, some people want the game to adapt to them before learning how to counter it, annoying.

Maybe cause I can land rocks ? Its a skillshot btw and many people can land rocks on every flying duck when they have some experience as monster. I wish hunters do that against me all the time, so I can practice awp rocks on them. Its actually funny to watch


Wraith sends hello to you xd


Did I actually asked for wraith nerfs ? If anything I just tried to convince people that she’s completely viable but they keep asking for buffs sooo


I mean: it will be the same, like with Wraith…
in my opinion only goliath have problems with tinkerbell.


Any competent tinkerbell will easily dodge your rock and still have jetpack leftover for multiple seconds in the air.

Doesn’t matter if its a skillshot or not, rock throw at range is easy as hell to dodge.


Competent hunters don’t pick tinkerbell perks really… It can be annoying at times (when I pick elder for exemple) but most of the time if I can’t get them I burst another target.

They can’t fly forever and when they fall down without jetpack, I don’t think they can survive to any competent monster unless they are godlike


Yup, its annoying as kelder from what I experienced but nothing to QQ at.


Oh yes…Oh yes they do.

A competent Tinkerbell is just as bad as a competent caira in kiting, or a good sunny/hank.

Thats the thing, they want you to switch target, and when you do, they simply drop back to recharge while you are focusing that next target, and if that person is a tinkerbell as well, you won’t do much.

Faced a 4 man tinkerbell team once, it was obnoxious as fuck to fight against, I only won because of Kraken.

Sure they can’t fly forever, but if you keep focus on them you are an easy target for their team, you’l be shredded by the time the Tinkerbell comes down. And if you switch target, the Tinkerbell will simply land on a vantage spot and recharge while helping the team.

Val and Hank can both heal and shield from up high, out of your reach, and a combo of both of them is annoying as hell to fight against.


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