Jetpack or traversals may need tweaking


Hi, I am epex’s monster GIRTH-ZILLA and I am a tournament Goliath. So not many people are aware of this because there are few players who know how to use jetpack perfectly. Basically I am here to raise awareness of an issue I can see coming up in the future. Players who know how to jetpack perfectly make certain maps impossible to play. The reason why I say impossible is because even as a Goliath player, when cabot is perfectly able to be 30m behind me at all times I will never be able to eat. I think a lot of this issue has to deal with maps and how they are in their current state as well.

Now I can imagine there will be people that say “Sounds like you found an area you need to improve on”. Trust me… This is a serious issue that hasn’t been brought up BECAUSE there are only a few players that know how to jetpack perfectly.

TLDR: In the hands of a professional player jetpack is OP, and I can see tweaking on either jet pack or traversals in the future.

Either tweak traversals in a good way, or nerf jetpack!


Ok, I agree with you… nuff said.


Heh, I can already imagine what’s going to happen when Sunny is allowed in ESL…


Exactly which is why if jet-pack does not receive a nerf then there will be no way of balancing Sunny.


And let’s not forget wide open maps with a thousand easy routes for hunters like The Dam.


Jk, I’ve been on the recieving (why does that look spelled wrong?) end of a team that knew how to use their jetpacks well, it was brutal, however I doubt a jetpack nerf will ever come given that such a small portion of players can even use their jetpack half as effectively as these people so its really really unlikely :confused:


What I think needs to happen is if you are using jetpack to climb something it should waste more fuel. But if you jetpack in a straight burst forward it would remain the same. This way monsters could use terrain to their advantage making the game more strategic as well.


A few pro players jet pack perfectly so let’s punish everyone. /pukes


Nerf jetpack?!


I think we’d see traversal tweaks before anything is nerfed on jetpacks


Which is a shame that traversals would be nerfed first. It would make competitive play unplayable.

edit: derp


But Monsters can climb faster and without any penalties. Hunters have to consume a good portion of their fuel and do it slower.


Nobody said anything about traversal nerfs.

:point_down: I beat you all to it!


I didn’t say traversal nerfs :slight_smile:


He didn’t say traversal nerfs.

…Sorry, I wanted to be part of the club.


I assumed tweaks meant nerfs my bad xD.



10 chars


balancing her has always seemed almost rediculously easy to me.

  • Jetpack booster holds 4 charges.
  • Jetpack booster allows for team members to hover in the air untill the battery is depleted.
  • Jetpack booster allows for 1 jetpack dodge Per hunter, per 10 seconds.

the first 2 are fairly simpel to understand. the 3rd point however, is because with 8s CD for each hunter individually when using the booster, it would allow for perfect symmetry between dodging low CD monster skills and the booster being ready for that hunter again next time. and any lower just makes this issue stand out even more.

i don’t know how they could even release her without a cap on how many boosts hunters individually could use in a row… its rediculous.


Would this not make it very complicated and frustrating. Let alone the feedback required to keep track of it? I think that the next nerf will bring her down to a more balanced level. We played against Legendary today (Goliath) even with our best setup we could only bring him to ~40% health. With Sunny. We are talking about one of the best Goliath players out there, but still. The next nerf will make her much more manageable, while keeping her gameplay intact.

Sunny’s problems in my eyes and experience is that she is THE jack of all trades. Every single one of her skills is amazing. Hard to focus, she can shield herself in a sense, has a cloak, can do good damage when committing. Helps to boost people and gives them extra evasion. When you remove her gear she can just cloak and setup a new spot, forcing the monster to go to that spot as well.

Sunny’s counter is killing sunny. People get too exited when the drone is down and they can do damage, that they forget who’s placing them all the time.

In the hands of a professional player Rock Throw is 2x OP. Fucking snipers they are :stuck_out_tongue: Jetpack is fine, too slow even. Good management reduces effective gameplay by a LOT, rendering the hunters much more ineffective.


What heidnu is talking about is kind of similar (in a way, not really) to bunnyhopping in source engine games

It’s cool and fun and it’s awesome that people master the movement system well enough to pull it off but it’s allowing people to do things that should not be possible