Jetpack needs a buff in Evolve



I’m sorry devs, but your game has made me pretty mad, and I can’t play more than 2 or 3 games a day because I can’t defend without enough jet boost. I usually play medic, and my character has wings, yet during a fight, I’m constantly trying to keep up with my teammates and I just can’t, I fall down a wall, my teammates are dying, so I try to go up the wall, practically humping it, and I wont go up the wall, why? Because the “fly up a wall without using boost” is broken, AND because I don’t have enough boost. And maybe because my wings aren’t really wings I guess? You’ve been trying to nerf monsters, when really it’s just the movement that needs buffing for hunters. Like, this game right now is all about who can do more damage and survive… which is retarded, it should be who can dodge damage while still supporting their teammates. and the monster is just like jumpin around and crap and I can’t even get enough boost to keep up with my teammates let alone dodge a monster, like c’mon! Please! Fix this!!! Give me like, plants i can eat or something!



Jetpack is actually really good.If you feel its not pick all the perks that gives jump heigh and jetpack.

The principal is if the hunters get more jetpack then they can dodge everything.

You are supposed to get hitted.You are supposed to NOT have enough jetpack to dodge all skills.

When you are against a monster you must make up your mind.What do i dodge?What do i tank?Which one should support shield me?

For example against Goliath you are supposed to tank Flame breath and Charge.You are supposed to dodge Rock Throw and Leap Smash.If you can’t at that time because you used your jetpack for positioning(which you should) then thats where support comes to shield you.


Jetpack is the same as it’s always been, man. Learn how to use it like us Vets did. That’s how you survive.


Jetpack in our game is one of those things that takes a lot of getting used to. I find that especially after playing other games with something like a jetpack, I need to reconfigure my brain to think about using it.

I’d recommend playing around in solo and just testing out the jetpack. Try different perks with it, see how much movement you can get. Try juking the AI monster. Really just play around.

Personally, I tend to take jetpack as my first perk on most characters.

Who do you usually play as?

Edited to add:

I actually find that taking the jetpack height increases throws me off… but that’s probably just me.


Jetpack management is a thing that takes a lot of time to learn.

  • Next time you are in a dome, try to not use your jetpack at all, only to dodge the high damaging monster abilities. One single boost in an unpredictable direction is enough.
  • Try to resist the urge to use the jetpack every time the monster just gets close to you.
  • When your jetpack is 100% full, you can afford to spend one boost to reposition yourself if necessary.
  • If your jetpack is below 25% you can’t use the boost and since hovering does not make you faster, just don’t use the jetpack until it’s reloaded over 25%.
  • Don’t hold the jetpack button to just hover over flat ground or to fly high up into the air. This is just wasting fuel. You are not faster when you’re hovering compared to simply walking!

Jetpack in evolve is nothing you can just spam. You have to think about when you are using it very carefully.


You mean jump height increases, right?

If so, yeah, it is a little weird with jetpack dodging. But who needs to dodge when I can jump over a charging Goliath? :slight_smile:


If jetpack is your issue,than the rocketman perk will be your best friend.


it just got a buff in the patch today tho perks


Get the Tier 3 version and upgrade it, I think it’s called Rocket Lord. Quite nice.


Hey @BlaggyCat, I play medic as preferred class.(as of now :sweat_smile:), and the jet pack is just as it should be. You just need a litte bit of practice to move on your 2 feets rather than rely on flying ALWAYS!..


Guys, just grab the Tier 2 Jetpack Recharge perk. Even at level one, this thing is amazing when paired with a max lvl T1 Rocket Man (or whatever the hell it is). It has noticeably increased the regen speed, and allowed for quite alot more survivability. I swear on me mum.


These videos should be pinned O_O or TRS should attempt to update them >_>


Yeah and dont ever enter a dome with a empty jetpack. :joy:


OMG I thought I was the only one, there was a time where I’d swap playing Evolve and Titanfall. Its really funny when I’m trying to readjust to either one because of their different jetpack systems. :laughing:

Swapping from Evolve to Titanfall I’d find myself facing a wall wondering why the hell I’m not climbing and then realized that I’m in a different game. :tara_erg:
When I swapped Titanfall to Evolve I’d find myself trying to run into walls and jetpacking off thinking I’m a cool pilot trying to ride the monster.

Jetpacks are weird in that way.


Learned that myself the hard way back in Legacy, when I walked into a dome without jetpack and Behemoth was right next to me. [quote=“Azmi_Anuar, post:15, topic:90922”]
Swapping from Evolve to Titanfall I’d find myself facing a wall wondering why the hell I’m not climbing and then realized that I’m in a different game. :tara_erg:When I swapped Titanfall to Evolve I’d find myself trying to run into walls and jetpacking off thinking I’m a cool pilot trying to ride the monster.

Actually…Wallrunning in Evolve would be pretty “sick”, wouldn’t it? Think about it.

(I’m trying to adapt my vernacular to match internet kids these days. Is it working)


It is pretty chucking badass, I have fanfics all about it. :stuck_out_tongue:


I could go off on this guy with facts from the past and experience but…

I’m feeling nice today…


Or you could just make a constructive post.

Fact of the matter is, jetpacks will take a bit of getting used to, as other people have said, and its just a part of it. You’ll learn as you go along, what to dodge, when to dodge, how to properly position so that you don’t need to burn your jetpack unless necessary. Just give it some time. Although medic might make it pretty hard, I’d recommend playing assault while you learn. Your only job is to stick to the monsters ass. Its how I learned management, so it might help you too. :smiley:


Very true. Just let me have mah coffee first. Me too tired at the moment >.<

sips coffee

Oh ya said it already. I seriously couldn’t say it any better myself lol