Jetpack Momentum and Wildlife


This has bugged me for quite sometime.

Basically, your strolling along with the dome in hand while cutting off the monster.


Your eyes follow the swaying tail of Goliath. However, you notice the monster is on the edge of the dome outline, and one leap would save it.

Luckily, your a decent hunter, and you have 2 boosts saved up in your jetpack.

You go for it.

But then, you hear it. The bat with a lump of dung for a torso and the arms of a monkey: a reaver.

The piece of shit lunges toward you and hit you just before you use your jetpack boosts, AND…

You go nowhere and miss the dome.

Now, this wildlife stun rarely ever effects dome placement, but it does waste hunter jetpack more than you’d think, especially as a hunter with a non explosive weapon.

So, this isn’t really game changing, but it’s annoying af, and since you, TRS, have 4ish months to work remove this, why not.

It’s stupid and punishing for no reason.

Remove the stun recieved from wildlife, especially reavers, because it wastes jetpack(because the stun removes all your momentum).


It prevents you from running too.


If im not mistaken, and no “har har sarcasm” here

I think one of the literal POINTS of the reavers- Is to serve as distractions for the hunters. Theyre meant to slow you down, theyre meant to break your focus, theyre meant to be annoying, theyre meant to be something you have to deal with.


Yep. Like your walking on ice and it lasts for what feels like eternity.


I liked the story you have made, honestly I have never encountered this but with the speculated patch notes it looks like they are working on Behemoth to be like how you want


Uhm. Was this made in the right thread?


If a monkey the relative size of a Reaver punched a man in the chest, he’d do more than stop running, he’d fall on his ass and gasp for air. Just saying.

Anyways, the point of Reavers, or any annoying wildlife, really, is to slow the Hunters down and ruin their day. It would be like lowering the damage a Sloth does, or making it so Megamouths and Tyrants only slapped you instead of grab.

That’s why people drag the Hunters through packs of hostile wildlife like Reavers, Blitz Leopards, and Venom Hounds.

  • that is why you should notice them far ahead and shoot them
  • that is why you need to know the reaver locations
  • that is also why usualy the hunter following the rear of the trapper also covers to shoot all of these and not letting trapper being slowed down or get out of focus.

they are killed extremely fast, just don’t ignore them

p.s.: especially on wraith trap there is a deadly reaver pit location ^^, where I realy like to fight as stage 2 goliath (also looping area in the back)


Honestly I don’t mind this “problem” in its own, it’s just that some maps exaggerate the hell out of this issue with ridiculous wildlife spawns.

The side canyon of Wraith Trap comes to mind. The amount of Reavers that spawn there… that’s just broken. You’re guaranteed to get hit by one eventually and as soon as you do and get slowed down for a second, 5 more Reavers will quickly take a bit of your health away as well.


ye, that’s the location I mean…


Can’t believe people are still crying even though dome landing is almost instant… Good monsters used to save up their traversals to dodge domes, when domes were taking 3-4 seconds to deploy. They gave hunters a huge buff like this but what changed ? Hunters are still crying…


I think he just took this as an example… not meaning doming is hard now.

Good changes with the dome time; now it is not about “doming just to get dome” but you can choose where to dome better. (well ye, in hunter favor)


My main issue with wildlife is mostly just trapjaw packs. Had a game yesterday on rendering plant where I had killed a bunch of reavers in the cave off to the side of the relay by the megamouth (by the small village type area) a pack of trapjaws spawned in. Oh well no big deal I think. The hunters have abe so its not like they are coming straight for me I have time to take them out and still get my food. Oh but wait killing the last trapjaw spawned another trapjaw pack.

That’s not really how it should be, is it? The game just really didn’t want me to get that food but instead it gave me lots of food which normally I wouldn’t be frustrated by, but because I had to kill 10 trapjaws I was trapped in the cave since by this time the hunters had caught up with me and knew I was in there. The worst part was I only went into the cave because a pack of trapjaws had spawned earlier when I killed a megamouth but I had decided not to waste time on them. In a 5 minute time frame 3 packs of trapjaws spawned trying to deny me food.

Is there some kind of specific situation that makes them more likely to spawn, or was my luck just really bad for once


What, two stories tall pack of muscle, smell and terrible breath ain’t enough for distraction?

“Oh no, I’m down! It’s on me! He- Wait, are those Reavers? Guys, those little fuckers are here! Forget the monster, we have kill them! Come here you little shits! I’ll beat you to death with my bare hands if I’d have to! You litt-”



I know wildlife is there to mess with the hunters but the Reavers make me crazy. On some maps there are just tons of them and it can be impossible to doge them all. I don’t mind them taking health away but the slow down gets annoying.


Fuck reavers, Striders are real problem.
Those little defenceless creatures, they seems neutral, they just want to live right?
NOPE, they live only to spawn right next to you face and block your entire jetpack boost, or in pack of 5-6 block entire tunnel and force you to reap through them when monster is jumping away.


No- Because hunters imo need distractions from the two story tall pack of muscle smell and terrible breath.

Distractions to help the monster spread distance. Distractions to give the monster opportunities to hide and sneak. Distractions to allow the monster opportunity to set up ambushes. Distractions to…

Youre a hunter- And dealing with the hostile wildlife is part of the known package


To be honest I wish wildlife was a bigger deal in evolve. The idea was so cool, but in actual game… The wildlife are just a small distraction, they can be completely ignored. I really wish there was a lot more wildlife in evolve, and more deadly too. I wish you HAD to kill the wildlife when you interfered with them… It would greatly enhance that “wild planet” feel to the game.


Against top lever monsters at competitive play

You basically DO have to kill wildlife.

Competitive monsters WILL take you on paths that force you to cross reaver spawns, which thy will intentionally leave for the hunters, and by dune beetles/ar madons/sloths, which they likewise, will also leave for the hunters.

Because if the hunters DONT kill these things- they WIlL fight you by these things. Or at a minimum, wait to see if that sloth the hunters thought they could ignore charges and makes someone lose a chunk of their hp- which they’ll then capitalize on with an ambush.

Seriously. Kill all wildlife. Gold ranked monsters will punish you if you don’t. There’s only very very few situations where you shouldn’t kill everything you run by.