Jetpack management needs to be taught to new hunters


Honestly the number one issue I’m seeing with new hunters is they’re spamming jetpack and then complaining that monsters are simply overpowered. There has to be some way to teach them how to use their jetpack properly, or at least semi properly.

Do you guys have any ideas? Because if this keeps up I’m afraid we might just get super annoyed solo players that’ll eventually quit playing.


Tell them how to use it properly, and I think tell them to search for Seeds’ jetpack management video.


Truthfully there is a mobility problem right now compared to what we were used to in legacy evolve, and most of us are now working out what talents we need to get back to jetpacking all over the place

The monsters have an overall more balanced stamina pool but are quite strong against basic hunters who have yet to upgrade and sort out perks so its a valid complaint.

I’m a long time veteran and even with the tier 3 jetpack perk I still have trouble reaching the heights of maneuverabilty I was used to.

Honestly I’d like to see it have faster recharge from full drain as that has been the one thing that gets me the most as monster abilities come hard and fast and our jetpack cant even hope to keep up under a focused barrage. Especially now that level 1 monsters get all 4 abilities should they choose to do so.