Jetpack fuel depletion bug


Was experimenting with jetpack movement tonight when I noticed something that didn’t seem right.

When tapping the jetpack key once while midair for a quick thrust, and holding the forward key, fuel continues to deplete until the player hits the ground, as if they are holding the jetpack key the entire way down, albeit at a reduced rate.

This however does not occur when using a double tap boost and holding forward. But as soon as you tap jetpack once, the fuel depletion starts until you either hit the ground or stop holding forward.

It’s most noticeable when falling from large heights, and a good chunk of fuel can be lost this way. This does not seem like intended behavior to me - losing fuel when not holding the jetpack key.


I think that fuel is used to slow your fall i could be wrong though.


Falling should always use a little bit of fuel, that is intended. The idea is that the jetpack is used to slow your fall (and that’s why there is no falling damage)

If it doesn’t happen after a jetpack boost (that’s what you’re saying right?) that might be a bug.


What was I was saying was that jetpack fuel was being consumed when the key wasn’t pressed, which appeared to be a bug, as fuel is not consumed that way in any other circumstance I could find.

But I’ve now realized I was looking at this the wrong way, and was being misled by the difference between tapping jetpack and double-tap boosting.

In the case of double-tap boosting, holding forward afterwards carries your momentum further than you would if not holding it, or rather not holding it slows your momentum. In either case no additional fuel is consumed while falling.

In the case of tapping jetpack once, and continuing to the hold the forward key, fuel is consumed at a slow rate to keep you moving forward while falling, instead of being pulled down by gravity.

So it would strongly appear to be a gameplay decision to allow you to continue moving forward at the expense of small amounts of fuel.