Jetpack Dodging Up


It seems that this was a feature that a lot of hunters didn’t quite see/know about in the Big Alpha. Here is a link to a video of mine with my pre-made. For some reason the game made my brother the monster and because our computers were only a couple of feet apart we swapped computers (And controls >.<) for a fun game against my pre-made group. You can see him use the ability to double jump quite a few times. Here is a link to the video itself, with a link underneath to show how high you can go and how effective it can be. (Do not that the 6:31 mark that I link to below has him using all his jetpack so it doesn’t show how high the double tap method goes, but you can see how high it can go and it does a good job of hiding where you go because rarely does the monster look up)


You must had used the jump height perk right?


No, he had 35% less fuel. Which wouldn’t do much for the double taps, but he had a tendency to drain all his fuel. You can still get a good height by double tapping up. He does it a couple times and I can’t really find a video right now at work to showcase it better. As for his perk, it shows in the beginning of the video that he picks the 50% increase jetpack recharge.


Thats crazy, you can literally transform yourself into a living space-launcher xD Might be useful to dodge charges and leap smash (if the hit box of this skill doesn’t cover a lot vertically), but still it’s a bit risky, u gonna end up dry on fuel after that.


Yup, but it REALLY has the monster lose the ability to see where you want. As a monster I rarely looked up if ever. I didn’t see many players use this, but in the future it would be interesting to test around and see what we could do with it. I think it would be good with a cloaker to bounce high up and then fall down and cloak. The monster won’t know where you go as you aren’t making footprints etc… He might think you ran off.


Oh man, thats brilliant! even if you see him go up and cloack … it’s way hard to estimate how long and where will he land and move away to!


Save a bit of fuel to make to change your direction at the top and really mess with the monster with where you land lol. Great thread Madd.


Thanks :slight_smile: I figured I saw a few people asking about it so I thought I would try and find a video I had regarding it. It’s not the best example, but hindsight dictates that not everything I wanted to show was recorded during the Big Alpha :stuck_out_tongue: If they ever allow custom games in a beta I would love to try and really break/bend the rules and see what is and isn’t possible.


This was my #1 note when teaching new players how to fight goliath =3