'Jetpack Capacity' suggestion


Pretty much what the title says. Just wondering what people think of a perk that increases how much jetpack fuel you have. Would get you an extra thrust to use, but take slightly longer to fully recharge.


Been suggested before

Liked it then

Like it now.

Id honestly have to PLAY with it to be sure, but i like the idea a lot at least.


Sounds good, but I don’t see why one would pick it over Jetpack Recharge.

Monsters work in burst combos. Theoratically saying that 1 jetpack thrust - assuming your timing and positioning is good - will avoid getting hit by 1 ability, the normal capacity is fine and with Jetpack Recharge, you have a better chance at getting fuel back right as the Monster has recharged his next ability combo.

Having 2 extra thrusts but a slower recharging jetpack overall would be helpful, but not really better than Jetpack Recharge in this regard.

(Oh and no, Jetpack Capacity should definitely not also increase reload speed the same way that Capacity perk does for Hank’s shields etc.)


Why do people pick capacity over reload?

If the buff adds 2 extra boosts, this can be great for kiting, catching up, or a boost for trapper to dome a monster.

Some buffs I’d like to see are:

  • HP boost. Adds 1 extra bar of HP.
  • Jetpack velocity. Adds 10% to velocity to make dodging easier.
  • 1 Extra deployable.
  • Extra deployable damage.
  • deployable speed.
  • Ability cool down by 10%
  • Ability duration addition.

I can’t think of any for monster, but I’m sure people have great ideas for monster.


They’re going to change jetpacks in the next Title Update already, to allow for a total of 4 dodges; that’s already 1 more than hunters can currently use. It might not be a perk, but I suppose it’s similar enough to mention it :smiley:


Of course. If or it takes (don’t actually know the numbers) 4 seconds for a normal jetpack to fully recharge, ones with the perk should take 5 seconds etc.


Isn’t that what Sunny is here for? She’d be uselss if this was around.


You can use up to 4 currently, theyre just making it easier in more situations.