Jetpack Booster doesnt work if you are already in the air


So I noticed pretty frequently that even though Sunny is holding it on you you can’t use the boost until you have touched ground again. It just acts like you have none.

Only seems to happen if you are personally out of jetpack.

I play on PS4. Only thought to bring this up as a few of my friends were talking about it today. Never seen it on the bugs catagory before b


Yep, that’s a gameplay mechanic and no bug.
When you are completely out of jetpack, then you can’t use it.
You need at least a tiny bit of fuel to use Sunny’s jpb. And the fuel only starts recharging again when you land on the ground.

If they should change it or not so that you can use the booster even with 0% fuel, well, that's a different topic ^^


Really? I’ve never paid much attention when it happened but could swear I’d sometimes still have fuel left.

Except I can use the booster immediately after landing, before the tiniest bit of jetpack fuel has recharged yet, so there’s still a bug here to some degree.

I would say that’s not a bad idea as I figured it was already the case. It never came to me that her Booster literally meant it can only boost what you already have.
Seemed more intuitive to me in a gameplay sense that while her Jetpack Booster is active, her capacity is literally the fuel your jetpack uses.


Oh this? Yeah you used to be able to do it until the update where Emet came out.


This is whats happening. Bug or not it feels really awkward and just wrong.