Jet pack bugs

It said in the patch notes that the jet pack was fixed when you run out of fuel and need to climb up a wall. Well now it’s even more bugged than it was before. I’ll be going halfway up a giant wall while using jet pack, it’ll run out, and I’ll fall straight to the ground and get killed by the monster every single time. I’ve never once been able to climb up any surface while out of jet pack fuel, and before the patch I could at least do it sometimes.

Yup, It’s way fucking worse, I dunno what they did

I have notice it fails randomily going up a wall rarely ever happened before the patch now happens once a game

I think it feels better after the patch. It is a little random still though. Like when you have enough fuel for one more boost dodge and you try it, instead it won’t boost dodge you and just slowly propel you. And there’s moments were I need to doge a move and have the fuel for it but it fails me

Seems you need momentum to go up a wall, or you’re EXTREMELY slow. It’s very annoying now… If you get knocked off a wall, or attacked, you can’t really climb either.

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It’s been the death of me or my team multiple times, sadly. Cost us our first Ranked loss. D:

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I didn’t even notice the old jetpack problems too much.

Now I find myself cursing the jetpack under my breath every time I see a cliff face/edge I need to reposition myself on top of mid dome. Honestly, I’ll roll my eyes when I get knocked off a rock as medic/support just because I know I’m gonna have to use the new freaking jetpack to turtle my way up.

Yeah…The packs were fine before, IMO.

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I told people this was a nerf, everyone said it wasn’t.

But now they’re slower, and they don’t respond to climbing well.
As well as that, boosting into the air is soooo much slower now.


And dodging feels harder…I know I can’t dodge an LS now, though perhaps it’s just my keyboard/hands being finnicky?

Eh, it’s easier to hit people in general now. I can expect people to be unable to dodge my Lava Bomb now… Used to not be the case.

Pretty big nerf imo, but they said it’s “more reliable”.
Basically they mean you’re slower, and no longer get the quick boosts. Reliable for them, not for the hunter.

Felt so much better pre-patch.

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Also if you get sneak pounced while in the air it does reload during the pounce… ik this is irrelevant.