Jet Pack Boost - Outside of combat


nerfit. shitsredic. fin.





Normally I’d protest against such a minimalist response but the original poster did the same, so…


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haha, but it’s crazy. there is no escape. entire team like FACE - hi.


You’re still plenty capable of escaping, is it difficult?
But it also puts them out of position, low on jetpack boosts, and out of range of a shield drone, so turning around and smacking them hard shouldn’t be difficult. <obligatory Git Gud that I’m not allowed to make public otherwise I’ll get flagged.

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Not really.

Add to that the amazing burst damage even S1s have no and you’ve got yourself a dead Trapper.


I dunno, in my experience the team’s always right behind. I may have 5-8 seconds to dispose of the trapper before they arrive (if I’m really lucky). With a Caira/Val that damage is healed right up and away goes the trapper via JPB.

Edit: You may have noticed Val+Sunny+Crow is really popular these days. Good luck getting away.


Wow I haven’t heard someone complain about jetpack boosters being OP yet.

Read an OP statement everyday.


You’re joking right? People whinge about them aaaaaaaall the time.


Um… Wut



Nah, it’s mostly Val,Sunny together being stupid. Sunny on her own without Val is fine.


Not even Val/Sunny tbh, that’s still escapable. It’s Val/Sunny/Griff that’s strong.

Simple solution, nerf Val’s tranqs. Done.


So… lemme get this straight, people bitch about this every day and somehow, it just isn’t OP?

Must be our imaginations.


Or our skill levels. Some of us have spent time and effort into learning to counter it, I’d suggest you do likewise. Look at me, I used to complain a lot about it too. Not anymore. :P<G

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Yes, nerf Val’s tranqs - but nerf Sunny’s JPB outside of combat! Anything that adds a cheese factor to the game is bad for the game. I really don’t understand why people defend such nonsense. Balance makes the game better.

Edit: If it helps, think of it like this - Sunny’s jetpack is weak, but in combat it goes into overdrive.


Eh, Sunny’s JPB can be annoying if you’re not fighting it properly but it’s not really cheesy.

What is cheesy is a monster doing nothing but running for 40 minutes.


cuz everyone was picking sunny before val got overbuffed right? right???

oh wait no only spanners and i picked her. and spanners only in tiebreakers


Honestly, if I play Wraith vs Val and Sunny, all I can do is run (and unsuccessfully at that, unless again, I get really lucky and the hunters screw up).

That takes away fun from everyone. I can run for the entire match. I don’t want to, but it forces my hand unless I want to just lay down and die.


The counter to a chase comp is a speed feed and Evolve. You can get S2 in seventy seconds, they won’t be on you by then. People exaggerate. Sunny does not increase mobility as much as everyone claims.

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Remember release sunny’s JBP! Hahaha OP OP op
There was literally no getting away.