Jesus my monster is rusty


I was missing all kinds of punches abilitys walking in to stuff I all I guess that’s what happens if you play star wars battlefront for 2 months prettymuch and a garden warfare 2 beta


I’m just rusty overall, having spend WAY too much time offline, fighting bots. But Kala is going to change that, since I’ll finally have a hunter to main


@ToiletWraith @Jedi_Warrior Random thread or Rant thread? Or neither?


neither for fudge sake why does everyone always think I’m mad


You need to chill dude.



So… Like, purpose of the thread? Did you want people to help you or was it just a random passing comment?


idk both…


Okay, so. If you want people to help you out then feel free to say so, but if there’s nothing more to be said I’ll close the thread, it’s upto you. :stuck_out_tongue:


I guess number 1


I heavy hit into an ability, so maybe practice in quick play and head into ranked :smiley:


it was pubs 2


Alright, just keep practicing and you will get back into it :smiley:


wait is goliath or wraith changing next update


We don’t know yet. :stuck_out_tongue:


They are all getting bug fixes, but the big changes are the next TU.


good good then I don’t have to worry on a glitch I still don’t know if that one firebreathe is not worth having a 3 point rock/leap at stage 2


What platform are you on?


xbox one…


Hm, nevermind then. Thought we might’ve played together, but I’m a pc player :confused:


Hey, at least you’ve had a chance to actually play the game. Life’s been too busy lately and haven’t even started playing the game yet. I know when I start though, gonna monster main, OG and MG all day everyday