Jesus, brazilian server is empty


I came back to playing evolve today, decided to start playing it again after about 1 month.

But I’m already 30 minutes searching for a game on evacuation pvp and still, nothing found.

I guess the servers are empty and everyone left evolve, god damn it’s not even finding a single game


I’m not on the Brazilian servers, but generally Evacuation takes longer to find players for than Hunt.


PC is dying at the moment. 2.5k people playing at weekend evenings - that’s shameful. Even month ago numbers was about 4.5-5k people. Can’t stop playing the game myself, but if ppl continue leaving I’ll have to play with bots all the time. :frowning:


change download region to europe and enjoy your games.


please tell me, how do I do that?


Evac is less played, will most likely stay that way.


steam --> settings -> download:change region. Evac is sill like a ghost town anyways so play hunt instead. hopefully you have luck thou.


Change the download region on Steam to US - New York or US - Miami, depending on your ISP. New York works better with Virtua, while Miami seems to be better for GVT and Vivo Fibra (and perhaps Live TIM).

Haven’t played Evolve this week, but I also never played Evac online.


Encourage Brazilians to purchase Evolve? :wink:


Brazilians generally don’t care about games that require more than two functioning neurons. You’ll see them (yeah, them, not us) playing mostly FIFA/PES, Counter-Strike and Dota.



Being a console player I seriously hope we won’t go the PC way.
Wondering how many players are playin’ on PS4, I find matches easily.