Jesus add a proper lobby


The UI is really badI… Do it like warcraft where you have a proper chat on the right or left and allow people to switch roles during lobby…

This way you won’t get people leaving when they don’t get what they want and dont just start the game automatically… Do a start game function or something. I don’t understand why would anyone want a UI like this.

Also, the store doesn’t sell perks? Why is it the only place where i can buy perks is during the perk picking right before a game =/


I do agree that a chatbox would be nice but the rest looks fine in terms of UI. Also with the perks I agree on that.

Also you can switch roles when I’m character select. Press back once once you’re in your placed role and ask if anyone wants to switch.


I think Jesus plays Overwatch.


Improving the chat UI is definitely on their radar :slight_smile:


Keep in mind, this is still a beta, so the devs are all open for suggestions!



You can.

I do it all the time with my buddies.

“Hey I just got a challenge for trapper- Give it to me instead”

This i agree with.

I typically go to solo to buy my perks and look them over- Which lets be honest, is 100% THE SAME as if i had “gone to the game store” instead- But its not intuitive.


I’m actually pretty sure it’s faster than opening the game store.

Kidding. But not really.