Jess has arrived!



It has been a very long time since she came back. I miss her :frowning:

It feels empty, PLUS with Stage 2, a big change, I wish she could enjoy it too. I wonder if she knows about it… Probably Right?


She almost certainly knows about it, the devs keep in touch with her all the time!


Oh I bet she knows, but since she isn’t working for TRS anymore then I guess she’s busy doing other stuff, but I don’t know, maybe a Dev can give you an update :slight_smile:


I wonder if she will come visit home, her second home, the forums…


It would be a surprise if she came up on stream one day :slight_smile:


i’m damn sure Jess knows about everything, just she might be busy now :slight_smile: i’m sure she will be back here to give us another salute ^^


I suggest to change title to : Jess, we are here waiting for you to see us again! :slight_smile:
For the moment lets just wait, when she will be here and see this thread she will know that we want to know how she is and tell her we missed her :smiley:


Ah I see what you did there


^ Even Better :wink:




Oh she defiantly knows! All The way from Australia!


Hi!!! Sorry I haven’t visited in ages! I wanted to give the amazing team at TRS some space so there wasn’t any confusion on who runs the show these days! :heart:

[quote=“PietroTheCzar, post:6, topic:89269”]
i’m damn sure Jess knows about everything
[/quote] :laughing:

How are you guys doing?


Welcome back its great to hear from you again :slight_smile:


Hi Jess! How you been?


Great! Living in Sydney now doing Web Development and Media Production and Graphics and yada yada.

How have you been?! Are you enjoying stage 2? :smile:

@Deity_Pharaoh thank you! it’s been ages hasn’t it. Too long!


Not yet! I’m just a console peasant. Been having a blast watching streams and soaking up all the info I can.


I haven’t had a chance to play my PS4 in Sydney :frowning: I don’t have an adapter. What games are you playing?


Well I’m still playing Evolve daily. Dark Souls 3 and Fallout 4 mostly.


I really wanted to get Fallout, never got around to it, though! Still on Witcher 3 and Uncharted 4, here.