Jess and Chloe and the No Shave till Ship pledge


They never back down from a challenge!



HAHAH wow. Amazing @Chloe


Why is it that “No shave till ship” is scrawled across poor goliath’s crotch?



They just need to die their hair white and BAM. A pair of Gandalfs has arrived.


I already made my donation in the form of the 10 inches of hair I cut off back in February (we wrote the exact ladies’ pledge details after the chop took place). However, if I could grow that luscious a beard I definitely would!


Looking at the photo again, I feel like I need to put a dwarf helmet on your head, a giant axe in your hand, and give @DamJess a wizards Cap and staff.


I always fancied myself more of an elf, but they’re not really a beardy race so go forth and Gimli-fy me :wink:


Headed to Colorado for the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. I will have to see what I can do I get back. This means that you and @DamJess will be free of my silly tweets till I get back.


Aw I’ll miss the silly tweets! Best of luck on the Cycling Challenge if you are participating and enjoy!