Jared leto joker




I don’t like the appearance but I do think he’ll play a good joker.


Hes all messed up


Oh so thats what the damaged means on his forehead.


Put in in a nice cursive font


He does want to be able to get hired after he kills the batman


put a mouth in the shape of a smile


It’s almost like you can read my mind.


Put a lot of ha’s so people will get im funny


@shin hes all messed up


As long as he enjoys what he does. ^.-


He is no joker. More like a psychopath than a misunderstood gentleman that liked to play pranks.


The Joker pulled some mad pranks, mate. :wink:


So psyched about the movie, can’t wait to see what Harley looks like. XD


When I see tatoos in the face and short hair, I think about someone serious/poor sence of humor.