Japan's Gojira Returns!


While everyone is hyped abbot the Legendary, Hollywood Godzilla, it seems people forgot about the true legend. There’s a Teaser ( https://youtu.be/192nSuo_FMM ) that doesn’t show much at all. But it’s at least d an update!

I would love to post the poster as well, but mobile doesn’t seem to let me.


GOT IT :smiley:


That is one hell of a teaser… and a poster!!! I’m hype now, didn’t even know this was a thing.


'Murica Godzilla > Japan Gojira


I got goosebumps when he roared…


It brought back done blissful memories for me. They based the design towards the 1954-1955 Gojira, so I’m hoping they baseem the roar off the original. It’ll be the most eerie Godzilla to date. And a fan boy worthy design.


Idk I have legendary fever


Get rid of that eye, or make it less visible and we’re all good.


I think not


I find the eyes both okay and eh. I’ll say something once I see them on screen, but I like the nostalgic feel they give.

@Xavier_Horn You need to leave, right now, sir!


They just seem so poppy for a death machine.


All Godzilla’s have something about them that seems off. It’s part of his charm. If he’s got a new badass face and spine sculpt, then his feet are goofy looking.

Or his face becomes very cat-like, but the body and roar are great.

I think, if I remember correctly, the Millennium Godzilla looked the best.


It did, they made the Millennium versions this… sharp look to it. Everything from his dorsals, his skin, facell sculpture had this sharp, mean look to it.

I wonder if they will ever bring back the red beam, or experiment with a different color as a ‘one time thing’.


Then that’s just bad character design. That’s just my opinion though. If I were to create a death machine I’d make it like this properly showing off the character. But that’s just my two cents. (That picture isn’t mine, all credit goes to SledgePainter)


Godzilla ( in Japan at least ) was never meant to be perfect. They don’t make the suits and say "I want perfection, no goofy stuff!’, they just make Godzilla into whatever their imagination aspires. Look at the early Showa suits, ESPECIALLY Son of Godzilla, that’s where you’ll see some questionable designs, aha.

Legendary tried their best to make their Godzilla look as beastly and mean as possible while containing thay teadiotnal look, which probably resulted in his elephant feet and selective fat ( probably a resemblance towards the Heisei series )


I like the teaser, but the opening just reminded me of this


New 'Murican Godzilla > Japan Gojira


They went for a bit of realism too in the design. The feet he had would be necessary to support his weight.


Didn’t i post this in the Godzilla topic?


Read the spoiler.

Also, on an unrelated note, that was the only Godzilla movie I had, aside from vs. Megagirus or something, but it still ssssssucked