Japanese soda


These are freaking good :smile:
I’m so glad that I got these in the mail today. :smile:


You got soda in the mail? Is…Is this wise? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes :smile:
I ordered it and it was packed in bubble wrap and styrofoam in a huge box :smile:


This begs the question – at what point did locally bought soda just fail at being good enough for you XD? Did someone just tell you this was super amazing or did you simply say “I’m going to buy some Japanese soda today.” and go for it?

I must know how this came to be!


Locolized soda is still good.
I said I wanted some, so since it was my birthday I went for it.
It was better than I expected, I HAVE NO REGRETS :smiley:


So you just up and went “Hey, I think I’ll try some Japanese Soda!” and bought it? :stuck_out_tongue:


yep :slight_smile: sometimes you just gotta go for it :blush:


I did that once. Bought something for my GF who is currently in London. Ended up spending $20 extra on shipping and some three weeks of time waiting. In those three weeks, I learned of Amazon.co.uk and how much easier and cheaper it would’ve been to simply order it from there rather than Amazon.com.

Your results turned out much better than mine XD


how were your results?


Well… she loves it still to this day but I could’ve saved $20 and three weeks of time still! XD Okay you’re right, my results were pretty good still.


Ugh yeah

I ordered from Amazon.com once until I learned about Amazon.ca

Could have saved me $100 on a watch


I wouldn’t have ordered it, but I’m glad you liked it. ^.^


Looks like a Japanese soft-drink called Ramune: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ramune

It’s easy to get in British Columbia since Asian culture is so significant over here and we have a lot of Asian supermarkets that carry this stuff.

It’s like $2 for a bottle here and I’ve seen blueberry and strawberry flavors.


In places where getting it isn’t as easy, I recommend picking it up at an anime convention.

You’ll get your soda and have a blast at the convention. :smile:


It is ramune soda :slight_smile: glad you noticed :3


I don’t have conventions near me :frowning: