Janky climbing animation for Goliath


Has anyone else noticed how silly goliath looks while climbing? He looks like Tom or Pluto scaling a vertical surface… Simba running across the desert? Etc.

It doesn’t look horrible, but it certainly doesn’t have the same smooth feel that the Kraken does, or especially the wraith. They just seem so fluid while climbing. I think it is great when Goliath reaches the edge of the cliff, but until then I just find myself giggling =P

Anyone else feel the same?


I always liked his best too lmao. He just looks like a BEAST trying to climb. Like nothing bigger could possibly climb up a wall lol.


The animation just seems a little… slow compared to how fast he is actually scaling the wall, like a treadmill =P


Almost doesn’t look like he’s climbing as much as he is throwing himself up lol.