James Gunn (GoTG director) fired over offensive tweets posted 10 years ago


Pedophilia jokes are a little different. Plus rdj went through a quite elaborate process to get back to the big leagues. Comparing rdj who has gone through a redemptive path (part of the reason he was a good fit for stark is the clear real life comparisons) with someone who has literally just been found out to have done something that may be the least compatible thing with a family entertainment company…it just doesn’t work.

Depp is a more interesting comparison, especially since there are definite calls for other people to get his roles given the allegations against him, yet his star power clearly protecting him more than Gunn.

But again, paedophilia stuff is a different subject, different thing to people in general than domestic abuse or drugs, etc. I’m not claiming any moral authority, or objective reasoning that this situation should be so, only that I can understand why it has happened.

I agree Disney are probably being short sighted in this though as well, but I can still understand what their processes is here.


But has anyone said that Disney themselves have made offensive gestures within their movies?


I seen his tweets. and they were really, really bad


Could you DM them to me? I’d love to see them


Did you see the video with Dan Harmon? It’s a million times worse than what Gunn said…


I didn’t, I don’t really stay caught up with news


I’ve seen them too. Hell, I’ve said worse. Should I be doomed to never have a good job because of it?


It’s not really as simple as that. No, you shouldn’t lose your job over bad jokes, neither should Gunn have in an ideal world. However who are you working for? Are you a prominent figure? Is your job and/or the company one that relies heavily on public image for their ongoing brand engagement? Are they the sort of company with customers that are willing to drop their concerns and stop clutching pearls after you’ve made an apology for the offence caused?

There is what “should” or “shouldn’t” happen and then there are other factors that mean things will or won’t happen.


While I agree, I think you have to consider what Gunn worked on previously. He wrote for Troma and wasn’t shy about it. Disney would have known this.


Of course, but I think people still aren’t accepting that there are two (and more) sets of “not child friendly” here. His work for Troma is ultimately certified and thus, in theory, appropriately packaged and sold. When people bring up other stuff like alcoholism, or violence… these are obviously things that cause concern for employers like Disney too…

… but nothing can be compared to having someone in your employ that has easily misconstruable child abuse jokes on their publicly accessible personal profile.

The whole “You did offensive things” thing is a spectrum, where the spectrum differs depending on who’s employing you and what the work is that you do. We have to understand that, even if we ultimately also accept the whole thing is bullshit because it’s so obviously politically motivated.


A lot of people are angry with at Dan Harmon, Patton Oswalt, Michael Ian Black and Sarah Silverman for joking about pedophilia


People get angry about jokes sometimes, usually because they don’t realize the satirical context rather than the comedian just being offensive. People have weird priorities on where to spend their emotion.