James Gunn (GoTG director) fired over offensive tweets posted 10 years ago


What the title says. I really feel this is a topic that merits discussion. I keep hearing about politics involved into it but I am not getting a clear picture. For my money, he shouldn’t have been fired. He apologized for his tweets (pedophilia jokes I think) a few years back and he has changed as a human being.

It’s kind of hard not to raise an eyebrow when RDJ is still in business with Disney considering the fact that he has a criminal record and has also done time.


It’s hard.
You can easily see both sides of Disney not wanting to have someone on with that past, but also seeing how they were just jokes and he isn’t really like that.
It isn’t my decision though, the Disney executives are payed to make that choice.


Slippery slope is slippery, so tread carefully.

I don’t agree with their decision, especially given how much he’s done for Disney. However, times are changing and you can’t hold some people accountable for past misdeeds and not others.


What mountain said. Reality is that people do grow and do change, but in the public eye perception is all that matters and for businesses that means perception of their brand most of all.

I do feel that poor taste jokes are really not something that passes the threshold of needing to fire someone though, personally, not when they have eloquently described why they are different now, and apologized for the old stuff.

I feel companies need to come up with better strategies for dealing when this kind of thing, to attempt to bring the public some kind of apology or compromise and work in good faith to see the pubic accept that before going for the nuclear option.

That said, there are plenty of talented people out there, someone else will be able to make a great gotg3


Don’t think GotG3 will be very good without him… he has a very specific style, great with blending comedy with character development. The firing was unnecessary imo.


When Edgar Wright left ant man I was sure that the film would be a flop, yet it was one of the highlights of that year’s marvel output. It’s easy to get bogged down in the safety of knowing what you are going to get, but the reality is that these projects are full of many talented people and the right director is one that can use all that knowledge and tie it together, rather than have something that is so specifically their vision and creation.

There are other directors out there that can no doubt do this task, the fact he was writer as well does cause more issues though.


I believe they tapped Taika Waititi.


I’m not the kind of person to visit topics like that, but this one got my attention (not because it’s Marvel but because of social questions).
If James had been fired for this reason, that’s not something really fair. I admit that doing such joke isn’t really acceptable, but this one is already old enough to be tolerated. Everyone did mistakes in their lifes and some do their best not to reproduce those mistakes.

Try to invent yourself a story, you discover that your beloved friend had been a convict since 10 years and that since those 10 years he had escaped prison, on the other side you are witness that he did many good things during those years. Would you accuse him besides the good things he has done after his evasion, or would you spare him? I’d take the second choice.


Thor Ragnarok gave me a lot GotG vibes. I feel he would be a good director to make GotG3.


welp, he had 10 years to delete them, amend them or simply reply in line with them… (reply to yourself).

we live in another world now where you are chastised for you past, but free to be an arse in the present.


Problem is, he did apologize for the tweets way back when.


well, apologies go a long way. and if someone steps up and swallows their own crap… people should give them another chance. (maybe people thought it was disingenuous?)


Turns out the offending tweet were actually deleted a long long time ago… ffs.


The lengths some people will go to make certain things political is downright frightening. The man who brought them tweets back to light again is so desperate for attention it makes me feel less bad about trying to attract girls in stupid ways in highschool.


Most likely they were dug up from someone who was opposed to Gunn politically; who is very vocal about politics on his Twitter. I’ve followed him for years because he doesn’t pull any punches voicing his opinions.


Who hasn’t made a stupid joke? Disney should fire the entire staff and shut down the whole company if that’s all it takes to deserve being fired. Literally everyone on the planet should be fired.

There is a petition to get him rehired that has over 200k signatures.


I think the issue is that Disney are primarily a company about children’s entertainment, and he made a lot of jokes about kids and sex. I can see why they feel they need to unequivocally distance themselves.


But the person they gave into is an idiot who blasts insane conspiracy theories. They just added fuel to a fire that really needed to die out.


So what about Robert Downey jr.? He was a drugged out mess and even spent time in jail. Thats not a very family friendly character to have a around but he’s literally one of the main stars of these films.


or Johnny Depp, as POTC is a one of their associated properties iirc (either way in principle it was mostly popular with younger audiences) had some serious personality clashes with his career

All in all I believe that while finding skeletons in the closet is the consequence of looking through someone’s closet, if you find one lazily stuffed under the couch then it changes a lot of things in how I would know to approach a situation

Altogether I think that politics and morality are both being diluted and mixed into eachother when generally there should be a black and white difference between the two aspects of ones nature and how they are adjudicated in any case