Jade Skin?


Is this available yet? Alot of people say it is but I can’t see it in the store


Monster race


For XBone and PS4 you can purchase it in the store. For PC, they have a timed exclusivity for owners of the PC Monster Race edition. As such, you won’t see it in the store just yet.


I have pc monster race though


You should be able to select it with Behemoth. If not, disable your DLC and reenable it through steam.


Disable the Behemoth dlc or monster race dlc?


Disable both and renable them. If that doesn’t work you can try logging out of your My2K account and back on again and see if that works.


Ok thanks I’ll try that when I get home


If you want to close this thread to reduce clutter I’ve learned what i needed. Up to you