Jacks shield ability

When the Goliath is about to use his leap smash and you use the shielding wall from jacks ability it will stop the monster but the leap animation still keeps going and hits you ? Also if he use a traversal and u stop him with jacks shield the monster will hit the ground where u stopped him at but the will glitch forward to where he would have landed?? This makes the shielding wall useless in some points of the game

Hmmm, this sounds to me like a latency issue. What’s your average ping in the games you experience this in?

This is most likely latency.

My latency is always below 40

its the known ghost smash

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Yeah I’ve had this once when being stopped by jack. It happens regardless of jack though and as fav said is the elusive ghost smash. It’s like there’s a tiny bit of geometry in the way and just like how it can screw up your traversals it seems to do the same with leap smash on occasion. It’s pretty rare though but would be great if it was fixed. I see it is on the list of issues being worked on so that’s good

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