Jack's Satellite damage nerfed? Confirmed!


Alright so here’s my possible confusion, I’m awfully curious as to whether or not the satellite damage got overall nerfed, or does it just not do as much damage to the gorgon because of her size? If it was indeed nerfed across the board, why no mention in either patch notes? It’s obvious it doesn’t do the old damage to Gorgon but I haven’t had the chance to use Jack on anything but her since Monday night.
I could go test on bots but I want to have someone else’s insight on the matter. If so why? I cannot fathom why I’ve seen devs on here mention that it was extremely easy to dodge time and time again, don’t ask me to find exact proof because no one complains about it anymore so I couldn’t find someone quoting how easily dodge able it was in their eyes.
In the process of doing this as well, they gave its mastery a damage increase, that subtracts the purpose of it being able to track more efficiently with 10% more pings now it seriously seems useful for damage as it doesn’t track as much while elite.


Pretty sure the damage was left untouched. Solid 800 damage. Same as always.

Only nerf was to the cooldown which made it do less than 14 DPS.


Would it or would it not seem like more to the Gorgon though factoring in small health/armor pool?


I doubt it would do less damage to her due to health. Testing now.


I’m my experiences it has only done a mere 1 1/2 bars of armor at stage 2 to Goron although to Bob’s smaller armor bars it still seems like 2-3 bars to him too, being different sized bars, they aren’t the same amount in number are they?


Another thing, with its new 10% damage for mastery shouldn’t it appear to be more? It’s just feels less to Gorgon.


All armor bars are the same. The S.S does 800 damage which is about a bar and 1/2 I think.

Ask @The_Mastermind or @MacMan they know numbers.


True, so how exactly could I reach out to either of them?


Armor bars are about 550armor per bar while health bars are about 1600hp each.

Didn’t notice mastery was changed from pings to damage?

And yes, the CD was increased.
It’s 60secs now. And 42 with cooldown perk.
It used to be 44 and 31 with cool down perk.


Wow nice catch. I think you’re right about this. I believe we have a good ol’ fashioned stealth nerf on our hands here. I will test more shortly.



Hope not. Stealth changes make my job more tedious. Lol


Could it just be that it, visually, looks like different damage according to monster even though all armor bars are the same?


I’m in the process of pulling people together to test right now. I’ll know the truth shortly.


It’s possible your thinking about the relative sizes in comparison.

800damage to behemoths armor will look like it’s less when compared to a wraiths armor.

10 of 1000 is a little. But, 10 of 100 is significant


Could you get the number of damage that the satellite does when elite now? I’m curious if it’s noticeable even.


Glad someone’s got friends to test this out, thanks.


If the base damage wasn’t changed (800) then with mastery it’s simply 880. With damage perk and mastery it’s 968. And 1012 with elite damage buff.


The satellite damage has been stealth nerfed, from 750 without mastery to 675 without mastery. Proof:

[Logged] Evolve cocoon damage was not increased in 6.0.1

I thought that it felt around 700, thanks for doing this guys, but wait is that saying that you amped something worth that much, or that the amp itself produce the 675 damage? I’ve never understood the damage amp stats.


Well it looks to be true, poor Jack, even after all the talk of it being easily dodge-able. I also find that the Gorgon can destroy the satellite with all her abilities except spider trap, and Jack was made for Gorgon, why now? Double nerf confirmed :disappointed_relieved: