Jack's Repulsor

I can’t be the only Monster that thinks it can be extremely ridiculous at times. Maybe it’s because I play Goliath but it’s starting to really annoy me how often and how long it can be thrown out at me with no reasonable counter other than to waste stamina or traversal abilities.

What do you guys think about the repulsor:

  • Nerf Capacity
  • Nerf Reload
  • Needs A Different Tweak
  • Leave As Is

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I only have trouble with it if I’m in panic mode. Otherwise, I only see it as a delay of the inevitable. I only use Goliath when I play Monster.

I don’t know right now honestly because I’m playing on a new account for fun but ran into a Laz Bucket Hyde Jack and they just fucked me in every way possible. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m missing all my perks and masteries and what not and they had them but it seemed ridiculous.

They said that either capacity or reload speed would be nerfed next patch.

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I feel monsters complaining about having to burn taversals are missing the point of what trapper cc is there to do. Maggie cc is countered by burning abilities, Griffin by taking him on, abe and crow by relying on taversals and traversal abilities to nullify it , Jack is countered by not going his way or using taversals to nullify it.

Jack isn’t in an especially different place to other trappers, it is just that his effects are more visceral. Once you have drained the capacity on his repulsors he is a sitting duck, or you are free to get between him and your target.

He is fine as he is, monsters need to accept the point of cc is to ruin your perfect movement, and that even as goliath he doesn’t do this especially better than anyone else over the course of a dome.


Jack is just too good against a Goliath really, he can completely negate 2 of his abilities, traversals, and the 2 that can reach him are either easily dodged (Rock) or not high enough damage (Flame Breath) so really, its not a Jack problem, cuz, imo, Jack is in a fine place.
But against Goliath?
Hes a bit much.


I get that but Jack can literally block almost everything you need as a Goliath. Most of the time I’ll throw a rock while they repulse me but they dodge it, still have it on me, and continue to block essential things.

Excellent display of being aware my good man! Here’s a cookie :cookie:

I just feel that goliaths complaining about jack haven’t been perma stunned by crow, or been in a never ending field of harpoon traps. Jack, imo, is in the middle of the range of effective cc against goliath.

Edit: that is to say jack is super effective for an instant, more effective than anyone else, but then suffers worse than Griffin for significant periods after

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He can stop bob cold for days…WAY worse then what Goliath has to deal with.

Jack doesn’t even come close to comparison against the other trappers.

  • Harpoons nullify at best one skill or traversal. (Jack uses up 2-3)
  • Stasis doesnt affect traversal or skills. (Jack affects both AND movement)
  • Maggie and Griffin’s harpoons are destroyed with a single melee. Meaning that in terms of time the interruption is minimal. (Jack’s beam cant be destroyed, and it stops you for a few seconds)
  • Maggie’s harpoons can be destroyed even before they trigger. (Beam cant be destroyed)
  • Maggie’s harpoons are visible and thus can be avoided. Or you simply trigger them and use your skill or traversal afterwards.
  • Griffin’s harpoon are only effective from (somewhat) directly behind. (Jack’s beam can be aim to influence direction of effect)
  • Griffin’s harpoon and Crow and Abe’s statis provide literally 0 self protection. (Jack can save himself)

Im sure there is more, but point is that Jack is leagues ahead of the other trappers.


None of Bobs abilites can be countered by Jack, sure his movement is but Bob doesn’t have to chase hunters, he brings them to him


None of bob’s abilities are affected by any CC…

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If they do nerf it, I hope it’s reload speed.

And? Jack doesn’t shut down Bob at all.

Jack practically stops bob in his tracks. enabling MUCH easier kiting of him then any other trapper easily. No contest.

Stopping 3 things or only needing to focus one…gee…I wonder what option is easier…

Problem is in order for Jack to be effective for his TM’s they need to be either in front or behind him to be effective. If they aren’t then the beam isn’t it’s job well enough and you’re just brrunging RF.

A perfect repulsor + barrage is deadly. Especially when you are at the corner. :worried:

I think jack like lennox is supposed to break the “focus medic first” meta. Which I like.