Jack's repulsor problem


I’ve been playing a lot of Jack recently since I think he’s the best offensive trapper (besides Waggie) and I’ve noticed there’s a cheap counter to his repulsor beam. I played against an Elder Kraken who has excellent range on his pounce just like vanilla Kraken and while I was the last one alive, running for my life, I noticed that he can pounce straight through the repulsor. This seems kind of unfair since the point of the repulsor is to slow movement and a Krakens pounce goes somewhere between 5 and 10 meters in an instant. So what do you guys think? I don’t know how to make a poll so I’ll just ask; in your opinions, should the repulsor beam slow/stop the pounce or should the pounce go through?


Slow/stop. Dunno why this isn’t the case.


It’s not a bug, TRS have said that they don’t want it to stop pounces because none of the CC in the game actually do it. (You can pounce away while harpooned too).



Well griffs can stop the pounce. But the SMG is better for it lol.


The initial damage from the harpoon can stop a pounce already in progress yes, but the monster can still pounce while attached to the harpoon.


Fun fact: Kraken can actually pounce you from as far as 27 meters away at stage 3


You can also shoot the monster as he is sneak pounce/lunging and it stops the monster from ever doing the pounce.


This. And it shouldn’t stop pounce. I’m not even sure if it’s shortening the distance, I guess yes?



It’s even worse then I thought…


The repulsor does not shorten the distance. Sorry if I wasn’t clear but I certainly don’t think it should stop a pounce completely but I do think it should limit the movement of a pounce the same way any other movement is limited.


Plus, Kraken is apparently getting his pounce nerfed according to a “hint” from the last Evolve stream. Hopefully that will help even a little.