Jack's problems

He does damage with his tracking tool, I’m kinda mad about that. But the argument against it is that the tool sucks as a tracking tool. If you have to give damage to something because it’s so horrible that it needs the damage… perhaps the problem is in the fact that it needs the damage.

No. Can we please stop making these threads. This argument has been made multiple times and even @MajorLeeHyper has defended it before.

The damage is fine, if you’re hit then it’s your fault, the tracking is terrible and it’s easily dodged.

You’re completely missing the point. If it needs damage to be viable, it’s a crap tracking device and needs to be better at actually tracking. Currently it’s 70% up to the monster and 30% up to luck (more like 99% and 1% in more skilled areas), and just a binary choice for the trapper. It needs a buff as a tracking tool, not as a weapon.

I would say its balanced in hunt, but it causes an imbalance in other modes. In arena where tracking doesnt mean much, having an ability that can do damage is really powerful. I know its easy to dodge, and I do almost every time, but its just not balanced right.

In Hunt it’s strong as a weapon, but not as a tracking tool. That’s the main problem.


It can be fairly decent at tracking if yiu use it right. I would much rather have the other trappers in terms of trackig though.

#Since you’re clearly not getting the point, I’ve made my text big. It’s not good as a TRACKING TOOL. This needs to change.

That large text is completely unnecessary.

They won’t change how the device works just because the minority doesn’t like it.

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I would say the majority would say he has worse tracking than any other trapper by a longshot.

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Nice make up percentages, the tracking is bad but only if the Monster decides to sneak. It has 100m range so if the Monster is within that it will usually find it or any corpses or footprints he leaves. This forces the Monster to either just run away and make distance or crawl away. Making him not much further than 100m.

He has good damage, great CC, but tracking dependent on the Monster. His tracking is like Griffin, it’s dependent on the Monster. Hence why he’s so strong in combat. It’s his playstyle, personally, don’t like it? Don’t play him. That simple.

The beams only move about as fast as you can run though, making it more of a tool to make sure the monster isnt sneaking behind you than anything. I would like it if it got a small damage reduction but some more speed.

I like Jack, its just that he only feels balanced in hunt. I understand the point of making him do damage with the sattelite, since the other trappers can get utility with their tool too, but he is seemingly very strong in arena and defend.

I’d rather it not. The damage is easily justified as it is extremely easy to dodge the lasers.


It is pretty easy to dodge the lasers. There are so many people that dont even know that you can dodge it though, even more than usual because of all of the new players coming in.

Defend? No, Abe is still the king of defend, arena is debatable, either Abe or Jack as they both have great close quarters CC and damage.

Caps are also unnecessary. Please make a response that doesn’t come off in full caps or giant text as they’re not needed.

People are completely ignoring what I say otherwise and interpreting this as a complaint about damage.