Jack's incapped pistol does more damage than Hank's Laser Cutter


Let that title sink in for a minute.


Do you have a video or other visual proof?


Hank fires faster that Jack’s pistol plus TRS gives penalties to body campers

@chrono How much damage can Hank deal in 10 seconds compared to Jack’s pistol in 10 seconds?


Vids or it didn’t happen.


Jack’s pistol does 60 per shot and shoots pretty damn fast. Laser Cutter does 14 per tick.


And how fast can you shoot that pistol versus Hanks laser which is fully auto?


Incapped pistols were buffed from Legacy. I’m not sure this is unintentional.


It’s intentional, which is fine. But holy moly, it’s kind of pityful that an incapped person does more damage than a primary weapon of a Support.


I think the point was to make incapped players a threat instead of a buzzing fly, you know? Less incentive to camp.


How long is one tick? 0.5 seconds? 0.1 seconds? I really don’t know, but without that info there’s no proper discussion possible.


I don’t know for sure yet haha


More incentive for hunters to get incapped Kappa


Sorry man. Too early for me too know that. Been working on otherEvolve stuff!


@Mindoci one tick is 1/60th of a second.

Thanks Google.


Looks like hank’s cutter wins.

EDIT: I don’t think Hank’s cutter deals 840 damage per second though…


It definitely doesn’t. Can’t even kill a blitz leopard in one go with the base capacity unless you get headshots.


Slacker :stuck_out_tongue:

Your very best friend


I got on Evolve and recorded him firing slowed it down to 12.5% 45 bullets to empty it and it took around 5 seconds. So around 9 bullets a second or 540 a minute.


Previously hunters who had DoT based weapons dealt their “dps” over 5 ticks a second.

I havent tested it- but the numbers im seeing are at least in this ballpark. Hank may or may not have a firing rate above those though, so i have no clue :smiley:


Hank’s Laser Cutter: 1,260 DP per 10 Seconds

Jack’s Incap Pistol:

@IWannaBeATiger I’ll be waiting :wink: