Jacks E Feels Odd


Although I love the concept of a satellite scanning near by terrain, in all my games as Jack I feel that I can not find any good time throughout the game to place it down. The satellite doesn’t last too long, and most of the game is hunting. With the scanner, I find myself sitting near and waiting for it to detect a Monster; however, I feel that, especially the Trapper class, that I should be extremely active with my 4. Stating this, I would love to see some other ability rather than stopping what you’re doing to place down a satellite to scan near by where, in most cases, I need to be chasing and further planning to catch the Monster. These are just my thoughts on Jack’s kit currently. I can’t thanks the developers for changing this game though, I got it when it first came out and I love playing it now. I hope the developers and community have some feed back, if it’s to help me use his satellite or if anyone else feels that same way.


I’ve not played this build of the game yet, but I can see the satellite being good at keeping track of the monster if it double backs and tries to sneak away whilst you’re chasing it. You could plant it but carry on where you think the monster went. If you’re on the right track then you’ve not slowed down much, but if it has changed direction and is sneaking away then you’ll not be too far away and completely lose track of it.

I’m sure those who have played this build will have better insight than I though. :smile:

I’m glad you’re enjoying this version of evolve by the way. Let’s hope the player base keeps rising. :wink:


Yea, thought of that myself. The issue is both the duration and the radius of the satellite. Duration is okay, but not nearly long enough for anything the size of a Monster to double back, and the radius isn’t too big. I’m thinking that they should either buff the duration and/or range, or just rework it. Overall, not sure how it all ties in, but I am just starting to get back into the game.
I appreciate the time you took to think, and hope we play against one another some time.


I can see that maybe it would need some love in terms of its sweep speed perhaps, but I think it complements the planet scanner well.


I faced a Jack that cycled between Plannet Scanner and Satellite such that he had tracking up quite frequently. It was a good combo in my opinion.

But I do see what you mean.


I played Jack for a grand total of one game before abandoning him. His kit is just outmoded. Why have the satellite scan if you have a global scan that outlines the monster and also gives you a speed boost?

Add that to the fact that his repulsors do the exact opposite of what the trapper is supposed to do, and he’s just not that viable.


His Repulsor is a pretty good defence still, isn’t it?


It’s a decent defense tool, but it is a fundamentally different form of cc from what the rest of the trappers have. The trapper’s job is to slow down the monster in the dome, yes, but a large portion of his role is to stop the monster from running away, be that to set up a dome or immediately afterwards. Hank and Maggie’s harpoons do that well, and so does Abe’s stasis grenades. Jack is the only trapper that has no way to just stop the monster from fleeing.


Fair point. Jack can sort of angle himself to stop the monster moving one way, but it’s only for a second and if they turn around or just get past he has no further control.

I think he would be better for something like Arena then.


He certainly would be the go-to guy for arena, I hadn’t though of that.

Unfortunate that Arena is completely broken and one-sided at the moment.


Maybe they could move it back to the olden days of a long cool down but higher damage. Jack stopped being my favorite when that damage stopped being so satisfying


I think this could be a really cool mechanic added to his kit. Possibly less strong, maybe an open-topped cage that could contain the monster for a little more time, or maybe an AOE ability that slows the monster. Not sure, still thinking of stuff. I appreciate everyones’ options, thank you!!