Jack's changes


I fucking love this little fellow! Unfortunately as much as is he source of joy he is also source of unspeakable frustration. Therefore I suggest this simple steps for world domination! Err, I mean improvements:

  1. Repulsors: First successful contact will stop the monster. After that they will slow it down. Ammo consumption behaves like jetpack dodge + flying.
  2. Survey Satellite: Damage will decreas and speed will increase with ray’s distance from satellite. Why? Because in dome most of the time it’s being used for damage. Speed is irrelevant there. If not, it means monster is hiding and then you don’t need damage, but fast detection. The same applies for chase. This will make it a trully versatile tool.


It kinda already works like that. A traversal (jetpack dodge) drains 400 capacity points at once while walking (flying) slowly drains it.
It can’t repulse with less than 400 out of 500 points, also the walking drain is still adjusted to the higher capacity and needs (I thinkt it will actually) to be lowered.


By that I meant it will eat a chunk of ammo instead of continually eating it.

@GentlemanSquirl What do you think?


Don’t agree with suggested satellite change.


Can you elaborate?


The only change I would like for him is his gun. I hate using him cause his shooting with him could be tedious. I would like it to be like like he shoots from one pistol to another in one press.


You mean automatic, where you simply have to hold the fire button rather than pressing it for each shot?


not automatic, more like a burst gun like WLM


Requires a rework and I don’t know if we are there yet with him.


I feel like I need to specify how exactly I imagine it will work:
Let’s say Behemoth is rolling his way towards medic. Jack uses Repulsors to stop him. I mean dead stop him. But Bob suddenly changes heading so Jack keep them on the whole time. There will be 2 seconds delay after the stopping until they start slowing Bob down by 50%.

And what about Survey Satellite?