Jack's beam extremely broken now

No its not. Its supposed to stop the monster moving forward and nothing more. It is not supposed to stop a monster from moving away, if it was supposed to stop all of the monsters movements then they should have made a force field around the monster to stop it completely.

It’s “supposed” to be used in anyway it can be to restrict monster movement

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Yus sir, this is not a bug this is just part of the most recent update, if you look 90º away from him you can stop the monster.

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the beam literally does a 180 no scope

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are you serious? just remove the broken character thats causing so many fricking problems.
[/quote]Again, stahp.

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Oh, well in that case. I guess Torvald was supposed to rain down instant mortars constantly, melting a monster’s health with little room for error or chances to retaliate. Sunny was supposed to have an indestructible shield drone and the ability to boost teammates indefinitely from across the dome. Griffin and Maggie were supposed to have miniscule reload times that allowed them to spam harpoons non-stop. Wraith was supposed to be able to shed darts and warp while invisible for a guaranteed full health stage three.

I can’t imagine why any of these were changed. Maybe because people used abilities in ways that were unintended, and said abilities were changed for balance reasons? Just because something exists in the game, doesn’t mean it’s meant to be used in such a fashion. I mean, if that’s the case, I guess I’m supposed to use map exploits and god domes. They’re in the game after all.

I am pretty sure adding an element that restricted a monster’s ability to flee was not what was intended when the devs tried to make it easier for him to restrict movement in combat. Whether or not it’s going to stay is another discussion, but I’m pretty sure this was not supposed to happen.


Oh yeah. Its totally fine that jack can stop the monsters from going forward, backwards, side to side and diagonal all whilst jack stands in front of them. they might as well put him in the support class so it can be jack and griffin together now its even better and perfect for the game.

Man get real, it wasnt meant to stop monsters from running away

This is what I think should be done.

So how is it fair tht jack can repulse u at a 90 degree angle from halfway across the map. Tap repulse and completely shut down a Goliath leap. I HATE IT

Any tips to beat it? ITS PISSING ME OFF​:rage::rage::rage::rage:

@michigan_ball u know what I’m talking about

I %100 agree and endorse this

Griffin has the same range as jack and the angle was mainly to affect kracken

Except angle really hurt other Monsters :cry:


We all know it’s messed up. You shouldn’t be acting like you’re the only one affected. As of now though, there’s nothing that can be done until TRS makes a patch, and please don’t pester them about. They know. And your grammar. shivers

Jack is fine now. Sure it can stop you from crazy angles, but it takes more skill to do that.


And an entirely different of set mechanics to go along with it that make this apples to oranges, imo.

Trash scrubs for me, it’s been so long

Apples and oarnges are simiar in several ways

And both posses particular qualities that makes them utterly distinct and undeniably “different”, despite some similarities. These differences- out weigh any similarities they have. Trying to replace the apples needed to make “applesauce” with organes, isnt going to work anymore than replacing the oranges in an Asian orange chicken recipe, with apples will.

Do Griff and Jack have some fundamentally shared aspects about their forms of CC? Sure. Theres some similarities. But the differences, especially in how those mechanics actually play out in a game, are wildly different- And really makes trying to use the balance of one, as indication of the other, a pretty dubious thing to do. At least imo

Much like comparing apples and oranges :smile:

I was making a joke

Griffin’s requires precise aim and can be broken fairly easily; Jack’s auto-locks and has to be brute forced through. Granted, it can’t stop you if you’re moving directly away from it (most of the time), and I’m not even sure where I stand on it right now. I do know, however, that Jack’s CC is far better than Griffin’s.


I honestly don’t get pissed off at stuff in this game, really I don’t. I try and give it time to settle and figure out a strat around things

But I thought jacks style was to be in front of the monster and push him away or even off to the side slightly. I was in a few games earlier in the night where I would turn to run with jack behind me and the repulsed would still grab me. That is unfair IMO

Sure they tweeked him to be better against kraken, I get tht, but what about the ground based monsters?

I’m not gonna pester TRS about the next patch, I just wanted to voice my opinion. If somebody has an effective way to counter jack as Goliath, perhaps with a video, great. But until then I feel jack is OP