JackFrags plays Evolve and loves it :D


Minimap for Monster Confirmed!
Penalty for leaving a match?

I’m going to wait for posting comment on this video, i’m going to wait for people to watch it cause i dont wanna spoiler the video :wink:

Put you will be suprised on what happens in the video :smiley:


Interesting how 2K allows JackFraps record vid but they are tight lip on Alpha.

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maybe its easier the tell just 1 guy what to be recorded than it is for thousands of people. :wink:


eh, can’t say i care that much. it’s one guy who’s giving commentary with good recording quality and has an idea of what he’s doing versus the potential thousands of shitty quality videos of shitty players in a buggy alpha. I’d love to play the game so i can stop watching other people play it though


After seeing this video I’m somewhat more confident in playing as the monster, particularly the Kraken. I reckon I’ll get Evolve on release if JackFrags and other commentators provide some more gameplay footage, but at the moment I’m still waiting on more info.


So this guy can show Alpha footage and others can’t? Just because he’s “popular”? Just goes to show how little Turtle Rock cares about their playerbase.


He is part of an official game review company like gamespot and IGN or it looks that way and plus how many vids have we already seen just like this and the video doesn’t say that its part of alpha.


This gameplay footage does not seems its from Alpha Beta because the Closed Alpha Beta you can only play as Goliath and play only on the other map that i dont remember atm lol.

This footage seems its from Comic-Con or somewhere else but i’m 1110% this is not from the Closed Alpha beta but i might be wrong.


=( only Goliath for alpha, well I guess this will force players to create some interesting ways to win as Goliath


No, that isn’t it. I’ve only been on these forums for a little bit, but I have spoken to the devs personally at Pax East and I have seen them on here as well. They have shown nothing but great service to all of us. They try to respond to almost every issue we have and is one of the most engaging dev teams I have seen in years. In fact, in terms of marketing, 2K handles this kind of stuff, not Turtle Rock. So please keep your jealousy and ignorance to yourself.


my thoughts exactly why pick youtube only when you could have expended it to selected fev streamers also.


No JackFrags is not involved with any “official” organization. Unless he just became involved? He is a YouTuber. And I hate seeing him involved in a game release again. It reminds me of the nightmare release that was BF4.

He’s a gamer, just like the rest of us. His opinion is nothing special. I don’t see why any gamer should be allowed to stream and show videos before the rest of the population. It’s just kind of ridiculous.

If they want to include the community, they need to include the rest of the talented YouTubers/streamers.

That’s my opinion. Nothing personal against JackFrags. It’s just annoying to have another gamer elevated to some kind of pedestal as if he has more say than anyone else.


To be honest he has +800 thousand subscribers and I think that this is the way they should be advertising the game. Jack also said that there were more youtubers that went to record the game down in Munich and got to record gameplay for 2 days. It’s more professional to show gameplay from someone who is popular and more respected in the gaming community than just letting anyone stream gameplay. Think about it this way if you made a game that you really liked and you wanted to show it to the world would you let some random people evaluate your game? Or would you let a highly respected gamer who really isn’t that biased review and show your game?


Outside Xbox have also uploaded their gameplay from the same match with their perspectives, check it out, guys!


If I wanted to show my game to the world, I’d use in house marketing to do it professionally. If I wanted to do it through the community, I wouldn’t limit it to one YouTuber. It makes sense to have YouTubers/streamers show off the game when it releases, to build up the hype. But not now, when we just got out of a closed Alpha.

I know he’s popular, but I don’t get why he would be “respected”. He tells you what the company wants him to. Look at all the hype he generated for BF4. Then go play the game.

I actually hate IGN too, because I feel their reviews are bought as well. JackFrags is no different in that respect, I guess. Except he’s not a professional organization.


I agree with you.


I personaly see youtubers and coprorations like IGN just a hype machine that doesent add up much for the game in terms of conversion for people to actually buy the game just False hype.

with streamers its more personal and i can see the conversion rates to be better even if the streamer would be under no negative comment NDA. Also it negates false expetcations when you can see and feel the streamers reactions so if things go bad the community kickback wont be as huge.


First, this wasn’t alpha. This was during some gaming convention in Germany.

Second, welcome to the 21 century. Popular youtubers are now seen as journalists.

Third, you should apply to 2K marketing department and tell them whats what.

Fourth, why didn’t they let me in alpha so I could stream the game for them??


I know. It’s a slap in the face to actual journalists, AND other talented people who game and make videos.

I think it would be great if they actually incorporated the REAL community in their marketing. Take some time to research those who are coherent and objective, work with them, and ultimately let THEM show off your game for free. They get exposure, you get exposure. If you’re gonna go that route, do it with integrity. Don’t pay some guy to “love the game”.