Jack unavailable


So, I logget on evolve today, and went to hunt mode. The que wasnt long and we got players with misc fast. When we were going to choose our hunters, it said ‘Jack is available in the Store!’, and I own both hunting seasons, it Let’s me play lennox, but not jack.
Please help me here ; -; i turned my xb1 on and off, still no change… I have all the hunting season characters but jack…


My IGN on xb1 is Zorrkin by the way


Try to buy him again, it will tell you that you already have him and it will proceed to download.

If it takes you to the payment confirmation page, then don’t do it, but I doubt that will happen.

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Ok, thanks? XD

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Please tell me if it works :smile:


Okey! ;3 ;-;

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UMG BRUH IT DID WURK THAINK U Much appreichiatudd :yum:

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No problem friend! I’m glad it worked! :blush:

I’m closing this thread since the issue has been fixed :blush:

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