Jack Tips And Tricks!


I recommend people who are either new to Jack, or your looking for some tips and tricks to track and trap the monster, I suggest you read this post. Tips and tricks for Jack’s Survey Satellite:

When you get of the dropship, place your Survey Satellite from the start. Only do this if you do not have any indication of the monster, like if there were tracks, then follow them up to a certain point. Then place your satellite to track it. I suggest you place the Survey Satellite on the edges of cliffs to possibly get as close to monster as possible. Because, you know, it only has a 100 meter scan range. When fighting the monster, place your Survey Satellite in bushes, on a rock, or somewhere where the monster can’t just see the beam and destroy it. Place it down to do extra damage to the monster. remember, every bit counts. It can become really valuble at the end of the game when the monster tries to flee. I’ve finished a monster off with it before. Tips and tricks for Jack’s Repulser: When you fight the monster, try to always angle the direction of what your trying to protect. I’ve recently found out that the Repulser can even go through some objects! Like stuff that has little holes in it or even sometimes through a rock when your on a cliff. When your whole team gos down, try to at least Repulse the monster instead of trying to run away, it’s sorta more effective. An Additonal tip, try to team up with a Val and Sunny and keep a constant combo of Heal, Boost, Shield, and you try to stay on a cliff and keep the monster away from the Assault. Tips and tricks for Jack’s Dual Pistols: Well you can’t miss the monster with these guns, they have 10% accuracy! So with that said, aim for weakpoints and acourse, headshots if you can. When your Repulser runs out of energy, or when the monster is low on health, switch to your Dual Pistols to maximize damage. They do deal out a lot of damage. Tips and Tricks for Jack’s Mobile Areana: Pretty straight forward. You see the monster, you dome it. Just don’t try to blind dome it unless it’s like right there and you know you can trap it. You know, if you scanned it, someone pinged it, or you run out of jetpack and fall behind a rock but it’s still in your dome range, dome it. Welp, That’s All And I Hope that help you out with Jack :trapper: Happy Hunting!:grinning:


Do you mind splitting some these into paragraphs! This is helpful, but slightly annoying to read.