Jack Strategy, Tips, and Advice Thread


I thought it’d be good to stick all the Jackal tips are tricks in one place. Sure, there are some Jack discussions around, like the main one (with currently 1767 replies!), but this thread intends on focusing purely on his uses, tips and tricks, including help for mastering him.

#The Jackal

Basic Tutorial :

Advanced Tutorial :

##Dual Pistols

  • 1 star - Do 14,000 damage
  • 2 star - Do 29,000 damage to the monster
  • 3 star - Do 12,000 headshot damage


  • 1 star - Hold the Monster for 100 seconds
  • 2 star - Hold the Monster at bay for 10 seconds 20 times
  • 3 star - Protect an ally from the Monster using the Repulsor 200 times

##Survey Satellite

  • 1 star - Find 30 Elite creatures in Hunt or Rescue Mode
  • 2 star - Find the Monster 25 times in Hunt or Rescue Mode
  • 3 star - Find 20 Stage 1 Monsters in Hunt or Rescue Mode

##General Tips

  • Use your Repulsor beam in bursts - when it is red it is not doing anything. Either the Monster is not moving or is moving in a different direction.

  • Use the satellite when you throw the mobile arena, to easily check if the monster is in or out, and where in the dome he is.

  • Only use the satellite (outside the dome) when you’ve lost the monster.

  • If you run the Reload Perk, you can use the Satellite right away in the dome and it’ll be recharged by the time the dome goes down to most likely hit Monster health.
    ##Mastery Tips

  • For 1 star Dual Pistol mastery - damage doesn’t have to be done to the monster. Find some big wildlife (Nomad/Tyrant/Megamouth), and shoot the crap out of them.

  • For 2 star Repulsor mastery - Get into a game of Defend and use it on minions as they approach relays, or if they try to go for team-mates that get too close to them.

  • For 3 star Repulsor mastery - Go into Arena, pick Wraith as your opponent and grab the recharge speed perk. Use Repulsion Field in small bursts whenever it looks like she’s going for a team-mate. To make life slightly easier aim roughly for your team-mate.

  • For 3 star Survey Satellite - take movement speed in a match of hunt. Make monster Goliath and medic Val. Just run behind him and spam the satellite. If he starts getting difficult to follow, throw the dome. Rinse and repeat. Alterantively : setup a hunt, and take movement speed. Dome the monster, throw the satellite, and after the monster gets tagged, take down the dome so it doesn’t take health damage. Behemoth works well for it’s ability to tank damage, and the fact that it is slow! It’s worth setting the wildlife to low, to prevent the monster from getting enough feed from evolving!

Please add your own suggestions down below, and I will add them to this post.

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Go nuts with the satellite even in the dome. Only use it when you have no idea where the monster is. Also don’t be afraid to use the pistols they do amazing damage.


These seem contradictory?

How about use it when you chuck the dome, to easily tell if the monster is in or out?


His 2-star Repulsion Field mastery can be done against minions. So get into a game of Defend and use it on minions as they approach relays, or try to go for team-mates that get too close to them. Much MUCH easier than trying to get the correct angle against a monster that’s constantly moving.


He’s talking about two different situations. In the dome use it a lot. Out of the dome wen you can’t find him use it. That’s what I tea there.


Thanks for clarifying. It has such a long cooldown that you can only use it about twice in 1 dome tho

Nice. Added to Original Post


1 star - Find 30 Elite creatures in Hunt or Rescue Mode
Take map Aivery, go to island, drop Satelite with spawn luck you get always 3 elite tracked.

3 Star
Take Speedbuff, Golaith and Val in Match, Yust run behind him and Spam it always if you can if he got to far away throw dome, repid it and its after 10-20 mins done.


His beams feel useless against kraken.

I also don’t like that charge is used when it’s red and not doing anything.


It’s all about how you angle it against the Krakken; once you get the hang of it it’s easier.
Yeah, but if he’s using it then it should be draining…


I’d prefer to see it work like Hank’s shield.

Charging won’t take effect unless you disengage it.

Edit: plus with a good Kraken’s movement there’s no need for him closing the distance


It doesn’t recharge unless you disengage it tho?
Are you referring to how it uses charge, even when it’s not having an effect (when it’s glowing red)?


You don’t need to use it to tell if the Monster is in the dome, you’ll get the “Thunderdome” box in the left corner of your screen which means you’ve caught the monster. The Wraith is the only one you have to be careful with because it says Thunderdome with the Decoy, too.

But I use it then anyway.
If you run the Reload Perk, you can use the Satellite right away in the dome and it’ll be recharged by the time the dome goes down to most likely hit Monster health.


Ok. And I still use it as much as possible. For the fact it’s bonus damage as well. I don’t use it in the dome to find the monster. I already know where he is.


Yes, you’re right.

And I should have been clearer. I mean it should only work when in effect (doing something) and then only charges when you disengage so you can’t spam it.

Right now, if I am using it and the angle changes to the point where I am not actually stopping the monster (goes red), then it still uses charge.

I’d like to see it not use charge.

The way it is now the kraken can just use slight variation in flying paths, still throw a world of pain at you and the beam does nothing while eating up juice.

The way it was described I was hoping this CC would ACTUALLY PULL THE KRAKEN DOWN.

As it stand the Kraken is still uncontrollable and still ridiculously strong versus any competent player.



This is the official Jack strategy, tips and advice thread now :smile:


It seems to me like jack was made with arena mode in mind. He’s pretty offensive and can have some clutch saves with his repulsion field, but his actual trapping is fairly poor.

As for an actual tip, I have kne against wraith: I had great success countering a wraith that was fond of the abduction-supernova combo. Let her get the abduction off, then use the beam because more than likely the victim is going to run right where he/she came from. Abduction damage can be healed, and the supernova is more or less wasted. Saved my medic several times like that =)


So, quick switch or recharge with Jack?


But you could just interrupt the Abduct attempt and chuckle at the Wraith as she’s held in place for a good few seconds of free damage from the rest of your team. Then again, I suppose either way is viable. xP


I’m a fan of capacity - helps me give the medic a second or so more free time, but reload is definitely viable

Does it just lock abduction in place? :smiley: