Jack repulsor vs bob roll [video]


Just wanted to share a moment when we pulled off some moves to stop retreating bob…

Dont jump t conclusions about Jack being OP… he isnt its just this player dint pay attention to my presence in team cost him the round :stuck_out_tongue:


Jack was like

Nice job dude that was sick! :smile:

(thanks @TheMountainThatRoars :wink:)


I can feel the frustration of the guy playing Monster


i had played over 600 games as Bob nd tody he is better than he ever was he has his strengths but if you dont consider his weakness you will be caught with pants down :stuck_out_tongue:


That was actually pretty awesome.


That was awesome. I love annoying the monster with Jack or Griffin. What perks were you running? I imagine capacity, cause that was alot for Jacks repulsor. I was playing as Jack last night (on console) and was reminded how much capacity he doesn’t have on the repulsor lol. Also you always had jetpack fuel. I must know how…


Nah, I’ll just jump to the same conclusion I’ve always had that Sunny is OP, and probably always will be. But thats just my thoughts.


I was being boosted by sunny the yellow bar you see is sunny booost indicator…

i cant remember perks i dont use capacity in tu09… its not usefull for jack i would rather survive with rocket lord, move speed and dodge thrust