Jack Needs A Fix


Jack’s repulser is stupidly strong. its not like a harpoon that stops a monster from going forward, no, this device can stop a monsters movements in any direction. Its specifically OP against wraith. Why is it that using three traversals and walking towards Jack for a good 2 seconds doesn’t break it? Thats not even elite Jack either! It also stops warp blast and abduction and still has capacity to stop another traversal right after. Not to mention the cooldown on it. Its back up and running after not even 5 seconds? Balance? Doesnt seem that way to me. I know he was just nerfed, but his damage was never the problem. it was his ability to stop any and all monster movement indefinitely. I feel like an asshole when i play him and I only get salty playing against him. Please something has to change. either reload speed needs to go WAY up. or the amount of movement it can block for its duration needs to go WAY down. If hes to weak then, bring his damage up a bit, but he needs a change. This is LONG over due for me, and hopefully you can see my perspective, both as a monster player and as a Hunter.

If the monster could see the trapper pick this wouldnt be a problem, as every other monster has a projectile except wraith.


Slightly more damage
Everything you say on Repulsors are great
Survey needs less recharge duration


You know… If you can’t walk forward… Throw a rock at him… Or go a different direction… Mitigate properly… Focus down Jack as repulsor charges up yakno it’s not OP jacks fine, he needs more damage on pistols tho


im talking specifically about wraith
read again
any other monster you have a projectile of some sort so you can kill him from a distance. with wraith all you have is yourself to throw at him. Unfortunately he can block all forward motion, no questions. Although it is still annoying as Goliath, because your leap smash and charge are completely neutered.
I did also say he can block all your movement, didnt I? if you dont go for him and instead go for the medic, he can block your movement to them. I also said the recharge rate is insanely short, so by the time he jetpacks ways, its back up, and when his repulsers are out, he jet packs away again, because it stops you so much, they’re right back up.


Traverse backward go another direction, let him use it up trying to stop your movements by going other directions, abduct and rip Jack… Anyways just my two cents


Get an area with a lot of LoS breakers. Failing that, move at a tangent and try to mix up your directions. You can close the distance somewhat with that.


easier said than done. what about the other hunters? you dash away from jack and you’re right in the middle of the rest.


Jack has been given a lot of nerfs already, people like you are the ones who are bringing down hunters. His repulser is easily drained. He’s balanced.


Not really, no.


Nah. Jack is fine. All you got to do is change direction a tad to burn his battery


I like Crow better :confused:

I really think Jack is balanced. His repulsor is pretty limited a lot of the time, and the Survey Satellite is terrible as a tracking method IMO.


CC is generally crap, and the Repulsor is very tricky to use in anything that isn’t defensive.

If anything the game needs far more hard CC.


Pounce ignores repulsor, so you can use that if he’s stopping you. It always helps to cover some distance on the run with it too if he’s trying to waste your traversals. I don’t know if pounce drains the repulsor though.


Not every hunter fights evenly against every monster. E.g. Laz is more successful with Kraken or Wraith because they don’t involve fire, that would giveaway his cloak.

TRS designed it that way.


When you are wraith and fighting against Jack, just use your warp to break through his repulsor.
Two or three warps and his repulsor is empty. It just takes a second to do it. Then follow up with abduction or warpblast.

Of course he’ll still block a warpblast here, an abduction there, but the other trappers with harpoons do the same, so that’s ok.
Using wraith’s traversal is really the best way to counter the repulsor imo.


my only complaint is his sat… Should never even do damage.


First off, people use capacity with Jack like a LOT so just let that sink in, don’t be upset with the character because of a perk. Second, 5 seconds? Come on now, maybe they had buffs in scenarios where you were the wraith but don’t be absurd. If they mess with they repulsor too much it’ll be a slightly stronger harpoon because of its omnidirectional potential but yeah it probably could do with a slight reload change. But please, no range or capacity nerfs, he lost his damage now he’s balanced I’d say but his repulsor is his best tool now. Before it was crazy easy damage, honestly the satellite could do with some recharge back because Jack seriously lacks in constant tracking, hence the combat trapper name they dubbed him with.


no no no no no no no no no no no no no no id rather fight jack over griffin anyday


Eh, Jack’s annoying but there are quite a lot of cons to taking him. His tracking is weak, his repulsors have multiple counters, and he doesn’t do an insane amount of damage. If any of the trappers are OP, it’d be Wasteland Maggie, and that’s only because her harpoons set up ridiculously fast for how much range they have and how much damage she can dish out.


They just need to fix those ridiculous angles. That’s all.

Like Goliath’s frequent traversals bugs screwing him over, this is also a bug major enough to get in the way of balance.

But where I still consider Goliath underpowered because of the constantly failing leaps, I consider Jack overpowered because of those angles.

Jack’d be absolutely fine if he could only do it in front of the Monster or perhaps at a maximum of 90 degrees to the left or right. But not almost straight behind the Monster at about 170 degrees.
That’s possible but it shouldn’t be. As far as combat goes, he’s Griffin 2.0.
He’s not supposed to be Griffin 2.0 and he wouldn’t be Griffin 2.0 if his Repulsor actually worked like it should instead of stopping the Monster from almost any angle.

Imagine if Crow’s Stasis Gun completely nullified the Monster’s momentum instantly instead of slowing it down.
From anywhere in the dome, quite far away most of the time, he’d be shooting the Monster from any angle to completely stop it dead in its tracks. Sounds OP?

That’s what Jack is doing at the moment.
He doesn’t need to thrust towards his teammate in time to save them. He doesn’t need to coordinate with his team so that they run specifically towards Jack instead of just vaguely anywhere that isn’t the complete opposite direction of where Jack is.

He can find a decent perch to camp on just like Val and Hank do and then just apply the Repulsor whenever necessary.
And that ticks me off. He shouldn’t be able to do that at all. He’s mobile. He can use his gear while sprinting for crying out loud. He should be forced to come to his team’s aid by jumping between his teammates and the Monster so he can halt the Monster and give his team a window of escape.

Not… this. Not camping somewhere high and far away and just using the Repulsor whenever. The only Trapper that should be applying this playstyle is Crow.