Jack...Lennox. Discuss


:jack_o_lantern: Long lost son?


Hmm, who knows? We know his last name is Lennox, about it. ^.-


I feel like Jack could be Lennox’s grandson, seeing as how Jack is around 15 and Lennox is older than Griffin.

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It’s also implied that whatever he calls her might be an embarrassing name.

I’m guessing something like, “Gam-Gam.”

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ALSO, ANOTHER THOUGHT BASED ON THE THEORY THAT JACK IS LENNOX’S GRANDSON. @mikeylikesit, master of all things lore, you may like this one.

Let’s just say Jack IS Lennox’s Grandson, which is much more likely than him being her son. This would mean that Lennox would have to have had a son. This son may have met a woman and married her and had Jack. This would explain why Jack has Lennox’s last name, obviously.

Now then, when Lennox is the last one alive, she sometimes says something along the lines of, “I hope Arthur made it okay”. Could Arthur be Arthur Lennox, son of Ida Lennox and father of Jack Lennox?

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Well…her exact line is, “I hope Arthur is okay. I liked him.” Her inflection is similar to saying, “of the choices I had, I liked him.” So I’m more inclined to think Arthur is someone unrelated.


In reference to her statement to Bucket where she says she likes men, but she likes to, “change it up, once in a while,” Arthur might be her boy toy.

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Still, I don’t particularly feel like we could rule anything out.

Lennox is a rich old woman. She owns the entire colony. So why is Jack out rummaging through junkyards? He should be living in the higher up class of society, not digging through scrap heaps. Perhaps she disowned Jack’s father, but still liked him?


I think he went into the junkyards AFTER the monsters


I’m inclined to believe that Jack lived in a large estate like a rich kid and had high expectations, but got to roam free once the monsters attacked. Now he gets to live out his weird fantasies.

I don’t think he like is a feral child or anything, I think he just went to the junkyards when everyone else was panicking.

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Hm, that definitely seems like a viable explanation. Only time will tell, my dear Lore Jesus.

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Edit: my headcanon is that Lennox is retired and her son/daughter-in-law manages the colony relations (with the Corporations and such), leaving Ida retired and just doing her thing, while Jack is in rich boy boring land.

Toss in a badass butler and I dunno, Support Maid or something. That would be fun.


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