Jack - Lazarus - Assault - Sunny = OP | Please Buff Monsters


TL;DR I either completely lose, or utterly win as monster now, not like it used to be, And therefore plan to play less and less of evolve even after paying $25 for hunting season 2. /The End

**Let’s talk about the “Use Jack to stop you from moving forcing you to watch Lazarus revive the hunter you managed to kill who just happened to be out of range of sunny’s shield drone” combo. @SlabOMeat @TheMountainThatRoars

Add in the “talk to the hand” Jack Trapper that can literally force me to stop moving while sunny’s shield is shielding from 300ft away and Lennox is Mayweathering around me with invulnerable shield and 4x plasma lance, you got yourself one dead level 1 Goliath.

(Did I mention that no matter what you do, hunters find you in about 60 seconds now? Leave false tracks and back track they find you. Run and then sneak in the same direction they definitely find you. Run and never sneak, get %35 movement speed from Stryder and then sneak and they find you in 120 seconds instead of 60, you can’t evolve to stage 2 if your lucky, very lucky and by lucky I mean all four hunters decided to stop for 30 seconds.)

[Oh and uh, before you sarcastically tell me to jump on the Rock and fire breathe the shield drone, as soon as I do sunny puts another one up, and while I do that, the one Hunter I managed to get down, gets revived by Lazarus and if I camp the corpse, I take way to much damage and die. @MacMan

One Frustrated Gamer

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Stop sneaking. Rush for the feeding grounds and speed feed right off the bat.
Trust me when I say that against an expert team, sneaking is dumb. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been playing evolve since day one alpha and have never NOT sneaked in a game. I can’t fathom not sneaking, you know how daisy AT LEAST stalls every now and again if you sneak, as opposed to b lining to your location if you don’t sneak. The only way not sneaking would work would be to take feeding rate increased which is just silly, unless you have some sort of top secret MLG 1337 pro insider information that I don’t have access too.

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I take CDR, and these days I never really sneak unless I’m fighting Abe and Sunny isn’t on the team.

And preliminary jukes are fine, it’s just often better to rush the Evolve.


i dont know man you are switching topics like mad in your post , so people dont have a clue wth your talking about.
I dont think even TRS can understand what actually your issue is, so lets systematically role up your complaint.

You start of saying you dish out great amount of damage and that happened twice a day. But it doesnt happen anymore. You dont explain why you cant deal any damage.

Next you talk about a sunny laz combo which disables you to win any match.
Even there noone has a clue what exactly you struggle with.

Then you talk about the new matchmaking, which you think you have figured out, but dont really understand and at the end of the day you are not sure and feel insecure about falling ranks and uhm not being able to rank up again.

Then you talk about Jack (who was just recently released) and your experience in a few matches. Mashing up all your prepatch experience, not knowing and understanding how to behave and get away from Jack eventually making you feel like comparing it to pizza.

Now you try to make it sound like all of that is interelated to you failing to have victories and ask for a buff for monsters… Monsters in general btw?

You dont tell anyone what exactly makes you fail.
You dont say what to buff.
You make it look, like you dont have a clue about what you are saying.

No one can take you serious when you talk like that.
More importantly no one can help you having a better monster playing experience if you dont tell us exactly what happened.
All you make for everyone very certain, is that you are frustrated.

So if your intention is not to troll everyone, i suggest you work out what makes you fail exactly, maybe show us a video or so if you cant put it in words.

And the next time you are not sure about something like match making, ask first before complaining.


Thanks for not being a complete asshole. I have cleaned up the op, and I do have a capture card, however my laptop is a coin flip, it either works, or doesn’t and quite frankly, I shouldn’t have to capture, edit, voice over, render, upload and post a video of something that you should be able to visualize with your imagination.

Jack forces me to stop moving, which allows Lazarus free reign to revive the one Hunter I was able to get down. I couldn’t finish the Hunter off, because corpse camping brings to much damage to me. Also, the shield drone I destroyed, gets put up again, neglecting any damage I deal out to the hunters (Lazarus including) who are attempting to make me leave the corpse.

If I manage to get Lazarus down, again, between destroying shield drones and focusing this Hunter or that one, I’ve lost way to much health compared to the damage inn dishing out. Don’t misunderstand me, I 2flame breathe and 1 leap smash since day one alpha and it worked up until now. Also 20% recharge abilities and yet even if I %100 focus the assault, and I stop attacking him when his shield goes down and assuming his out of range of sunny’s drone, he can jet pack boost by sunny so far away from me, that the damage I take chasing him down is not worth it, plus I can rock throw, but I hadn’t made it to stage 2 yet to get rock throw because they found me 60 God damn seconds after the drop ship and I KNOW HOW TO MANUEVER AS MONSTER! Like a sixth sense! This is with or without Maggie and the speed in which they keep up is a combo of 35% movement speed and jet pack recharge.

You following me? Or do I honestly have to get a video? Also why would I not be able to pass judgement on Jack? I played against 9 jacks this early am. Each did what I’ve described.

Buff for Goliath should be more speed, and longer flame breathe duration, quicker leap smash. Or more damage, but something like that off the top of my head.


Not to sound like an ass, but what the main problem looks like to me is that you are unwilling to change your playstyle to challenge different comps, and that you are complaining about game balance because your “go-to” strategy doesn’t work against certain teams. Which it shouldn’t. If you can’t adapt to different teams and hunters you will only ever fall behind.

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Could I avoid jacks “stop you from moving” ability if we’re kraken? Possibly, is that the solution? No. The solution is to allow me the chance to leap smash or charge Lazarus before he can revive, stopping me from doing that means that at the monster select screen I have a 50/50 chance, either it’s gonna be a Jack/sunny/laz combo and I’m guaranteed a loss, or it’s not that combo and I win.


start playing behemoth. Goliath died yesterday. There is no combo that works against behemoth, especially that one. I got super frustrated yesterday with jack. I finally got the game to unlock him so I could play around. It works very well against Goliath but is pretty much useless against Behemoth. In fact, All you have to do is tuck and roll for about 1.5 seconds and it drains the energy.

The problem you are actually having though isn’t jack, is just seems like it is because everyone is playing him. The real problem is they made the shield dome instant so there is no strategy to playing trapper any more and no way to get away. If you see the monster at all within the dome it traps him, and with reload speed now moving the dome along sneaking is done with, running is done with. It’s just about surviving till you can get to stage 2 (with behemoth)

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Yo @10shredder00 can you find a 4k, curved, gsync, IPS monitor? I don’t think one exist yet, they are coming out with an QHD (Almost 4k) curved, gsync, IPS, but it burns me up its ALMOST 4k!



Yeah finally you get to some point and left out all the nonsense.

Now we can at least read what exactly you are frustrated about.
Mind you the game has changed in a big way, meaning the entire meta of how you have to fight as a monster as well as hunter,
You should check Evolves Twitch channel about that.

And no, it will not be sufficient any more to stick to one tactic and get away with it all the time, especially since (if you are a good monster player) matchmaking will put you into a match with people that actually know what they are doing, rather than bashing some uncoordinated team.
Now if you just want to bash people you shouldnt be afraid of falling down in rank cause then youll get teams that suit that particular gamestyle.
That being said.

Sunny Laz is a fearsome combo, but OP? No
Jack is a new character which you have to get used to as a monster in any regard, this will take time and experience. But note that his repulsion field is drainened in no time. When you quickly change direction he will even empty his charge for no good which gives you the time to attack.
If you want to be a good monster player on silver or gold rank you will need to know how the hunters play.
Therefore try playing a bit with jack, see how that repulsion works.

Mind the new meta.
You need to get a hang of it, the dmg output on your monster is buffed, but you need to make your attacks count. against sunny laz combo spreading your dmg is vital laz cant heal for shit, sunny should be your main and if jack is there he should get your firebreath and rock throw. His scanner also does dmg its also a target for yiu.
Obviously leapsmash is not a good choice against a team with a good Jack player on stage one.
You have to adjust to that new scenario if you want to fight good teams.

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dude, if you have troubles against a laz, you focus him, that s should be like a rule seriously, it s the same as seeing a hank, you always focus the guys that are too usefull letf untouched, easy as that


I beat a pretty good team by using 2* everything 3* flame breathe 20% recharge. I HATE BROKEN HILL FOUNDRY!!!

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Ya, using charge and after that leap smash is also pretty good to break Jack :wink:


I find its opposite now! I could always win as the monster and now it’s even easier, atleast before the patch I stood a chance as a hunter, now I’m just getting recked! IMO monsters need a nerf or hunters need a buff


It’s a matter of match making. Before you get ranked you face really good to really bad monsters.
Once you settle through the rank you will find that the monster players are a proper match.

Some people think of the matchmaking of a global ranking, but it’s important for your playing experience to move through the ranks to a point where you can face equal opponents.
If you face monster that are too strong it means that monster has adapted to the new meta.
You need to do the same.


If you keep going against Jack’s beam then it will drain the beam much faster. Just so you know.


If you’re playing against Jack you want Rock Throw and Flame Breath because his Repulsor Beam doesn’t block those abilities. What it DOES block is Leap Smash and Charge.

Might be why he’s able to hold you off so Laz can revive ppl.


no more buffs for monster, try developing a strategy instead of playing that team like they have a ciara or a val. you cant just nerf and buff your way up the leaderboards everytime you have an issue. have a plan before you go into battle.


Someone Bump this 1000000000000000000000000000 times ddue cause its true sunny laz jack is op vs goliath you cant stage up you cant fight its just over from the second you locked in no matter what map reload on dome plus sunny plus laz like what