Jack "Jackal" Lennox

I swear I heard Jack refer to himself as Jack Lennox, if so, he is a relative of Ida Lennox


All over the forums, that is correct.

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Yup, when he is the last one down he says
Okay Jack Lennox, you can do this (or something like that)

@Shin sniped


Also, that’s cool. I’ve been playing Jack for a few hours now and I haven’t heard a ton of dialogue from him surprisingly.

Ida Lennox


It is suppose to be grandson :smile:

Thanks for the name correction

Oh lord, that sounds like HYDEa Lennox.

I could imagine toddler Jack crawling up to Lennox in the Thunderchild…

Jack: Gam-Gam?

top of thunderchild opens up with Hyde inside

Hyde: Call me Gam-Gam again, just you watch chap. I’ll melt your fuckin’ face, if ye keep talking dem loads of old cobblers. Piss headed wanker.


What if Jack is actually Ida’s father from the future! Wait… nvm dont listen to me…

let the chuckling commence


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Ida Lennox and Jack Lennox? The medic and support must have Lennox as their last name as well.

Nice twist that Jack is relative with Leida Lennox

is it just me or lennox’s sound was the not changed. Still kinda annoying

No offense

but jack has a baby face

I had a feeling but I thought it was a wild hypothesis and not likely to be true. In a conversation with Parnell when Jack was asked he admitted that he designed all of it himself. And Ida Lennox founded the colony. It would explain how Jack being as young as he is, is a super tech junkie.

Also, the family must have a catch phrase. When Jack plays with Val (and maybe Laz) he says ‘Those weak spots are aces!’ Just like Lennox with Cabot and 'that damage amp is aces! It’ll be cool to see if the next two t5 hunters are of the Lennox line and if they use the catch phrase as well.


I sincerely hope so. T5: The Family

I almost liked this but “dem loads of old cobblers”? Ballsed it up.

Tier 5 is a family?? Oh god I hope so!

Everyone is saying that Lennox is Jack’s Grand-mother. However, I have actually seen evidence that suggests Jack is not Lennox’s Grandson, but her actual son. (If he is her Grandson, then this is actually a hint to another character, just saying.)

Jack, when asked about where his Mom is now, says ‘Oh you know, she’s around. Somewhere.’